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  1. Thanks for testing, borate. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't using some setting incorrectly. I never had problems before I upgraded. I'm starting to wonder if VP has some slight incompatibility problem with the new Ryzen 7 processors. As far as the effects preview window, to make sure we're on the same page. When the effects window is open and extended, to where you're putting in keyframes - that scrubber you move back and forth should move the sequence scrubber at the bottom only in that particular clip (for those 10 seconds or whatever). But with mine, when I slide the scrubber in the effects window to the beginning of the clip, the sequence scrubber goes back to the beginning so I see the beginning 10 seconds of the sequence in the sequence preview window instead of the clip I'm working on.
  2. I still have these 2 issues even after I reloaded my system. After exporting, dark video information (black screen, shadows, etc) often aren't true black as they are in the original but are gray / blotchy. I first noticed this when putting a blank clip in between two video clips that's supposed to be solid black. Adding an effect to a video clip on down the line in the sequence (in other words, not the first clip on the sequence, but say the 4th)... when animating the effect, moving the scrubber back and forth is supposed to show the current clip in the preview window - or at least I thought it supposed to / used to. Now it jumps back to the beginning of the sequence and will scan up to however long the clip I'm working on is. In other words, I have a sequence that's 5 minutes long total. The clip I'm doing the effect on is the 4th clip in the sequence and it's 10 seconds long. Moving the scrubber back and forth in the animation window jumps back to the beginning of the sequence and shows the first 10 seconds of it. This makes it hard to line up effects because you're not seeing the right video information in the preview window. The way I was getting around it before I reloaded the system, thinking it might just be my VP corrupted, was to temporarily move the clip I was working on to the beginning of the sequence so that the preview would show what I was actually applying the effect to.
  3. I thought that would be the case, but wanted to make sure to cover the basics first. Sorry you're having this issue. I would just do as borate suggests, and I hope you get it resolved.
  4. c_major, The crashes occur almost exclusively while moving points. I can remember it crashed once while it was exporting and once when it wasn't even doing anything (while I had my browser up and checking something on the Internet). I had been working with a mask, though, so could have been a lingering effect. I set the preview resolution on the lowest 16X9, whichever one that is.
  5. In addition to that, you wouldnt be able to see the issue just from a project, as you would need to try to animate a mask to see if it crashed on your end. What you could do is take a 10 second clip of someone and apply a mask to isolate them from the background. Apply keyframes every half second or however often is needed for how much the person moves. Go into full screen clip previee mode to move the points. That should tell you if its an issue with VP or just with my system.
  6. c-major, It isn't any particular project. It's any time I'm animating a mask and moving the points. I *think* it only does it when the clip preview is full screen, as I don't recall it doing it otherwise. I have to put a lot of points when masking people, so maybe VP just gets overwhelmed. I will say it doesn't happen nearly as often since I did a complete clean reinstall of my OS.
  7. Here's the video I made with this project. As you can see, the masking was to pull my cousin out of her video and into the new environment. There are all kinds of effect I put into this, but the only thing that ever gave me an trouble was animating the masks. There's just something about that my system doesn't like. I hadn't progressed to animating masks yet when I had my previous system, so I don't know if it would have given me problems as well or just the new system. Anyway, here's a minute and a half of silliness for your enjoyment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBYsPsLLjmM
  8. You still testing out the trial version? You can only export a limited number of times (at least to certain formats; I only know it applies to .MP4s for sure). However, it should be giving a message that you've exceeded your number of exports and need to obtain a license.
  9. National, Thanks so much for testing this. As far as waiting for the clip to process, I'm not going to do that after moving each point. If that's required, I'll give up on masks or find another program. As I've been saying, VP should not update the whole clip after every little adjustment, but should wait until you're finished. Closing out of the effects window would seem to be a good trigger for the program to update the whole clip with your finalized adjustments. Seems like doing it for every little move you make is just asking for trouble, and I can't figure out why it was made that way. Anyway, rant over... what I will try is to wait for it to finish processing before I move on to the next keyframe. Also another thing I'm going to test out is turning off my secondary display. There's no actual 2nd monitor, but I run sound through HDMI to a receiver, which makes Windows think there's a second monitor (why after all these years you still cannot turn off a 2nd non-existent display when you're running audio through HDMI is another rant). I think I made this change somewhere around the time I started having problems, so it might be a possibility although I don't know why it would affect VP. RE: the issue you discovered while doing the tests. I've never run into that, but the clips I mask I already have trimmed down to 10 or 30 seconds (or whatever) and made it into its own video before doing the mask. BTW, do you have any problems when moving points? My issue is that some parts of the masks are really hard to see the points, and I end up accidentally creating new points. I found out that this is a problem because the keyframes don't simply save the shape of the mask as I initially assumed, but are saved point positions. If you add or delete points later in the clip, it messes up previous points because it's either taken away points (collapsing the mask in areas) or adding points (making sections of the shape squeezed and mushed together). Also I wish the function of the cursor changing to "move all" function could be disabled. I will occasionally accidentally move the whole mask and then have to move it back in exactly the right position.
  10. RAM = 16 gigs (2400 speed) CPU = AMD Ryzan 2700X (4 gig) GPU = Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Free space on C;\ = I got a new terabyte SSD to reinstall my system and most of that is free. I have a 100 gig partition on my original SSD for the cache files. Description of mask operation: taking a video of someone and isolating them to put as overlay over another video so that they're in another location. It requires creating a keyframe every half second or sometimes quarter of a second to make it smooth. However, it also crashed today while I was exporting said project.
  11. I spoke too soon. VP is crashing again when I'm working with masks. I had a theory about changing the cache directory, since before it seemed to crash less after I cleaned that out. But that didn't help. It lets me load back automatically to where I left off, but it's still irritating. Is this just something I'm going to have to live with?
  12. Go to Options. It's under one of the tabs. You can select from a list (640X480, 1280X720, etc) or put in custom width, height values.
  13. I finally found "Fehler"! Took a while. Was like a game of Where's Waldo?
  14. I assume you're needing to remove the background conversation? That's the case you can try to remove it using the Cleanup tool. Highlight a 2 or 3 second section of background noise and then go to Cleanup... I don't remember the exact wording, but if you go right to the side menu it's at the bottom. The next to last will designate your selection as what you want to remove. The bottom choice will be grayed out until you do that, but then will be usable. You can either make another selection if you only want to process a certain portion, or you can just clear the selection and it will process the whole clip. How successful this will be varies from clip to clip and the quality / amount of the background noise you're removing. Alternately, there's a Cleanup wizard, and one of the options is to remove background noise. So try both options and see how they work. ETA, I'm sorry if the first paragraph's not clear, but I'm not at home to check the wording on the Cleanup options you need. I'll add that when I get home if needed.
  15. I have now finished with the clean reinstall of Windows and so far VP is running great. And the icons for the VP files are back to normal. Of those options, I picked EaseUS Todo. It has a free version to use with an option of buying the full version later, which I might consider. Thanks again!
  16. There's not an easy one-step method that I know of, but you could do this. Use SPLIT - COMPONENT CHANNELS to make 2 separate files that will be labeled left and right. Go into each and use LEVELS -STEREO PAN and select "Pan all the way to the left" or "Pan all the way to the right". The one that's labeled right channel, pan that to the left; and the one labeled left, pan to the right. Copy one of those files and then paste mix it back with the other and re-save either as original file or to a new file if you want to preserve the original.
  17. Miggy

    Voice out of sync

    Hi, Mim. Does this happen every time you split and then join any video clips, or just with a particular video. Also, is it out of sync when previewed within VP or just when exported? If just this video, I'm wondering if the audio and video tracks have become unlinked and then knocked out of alignment somehow.
  18. David D, Purchasing gives you a license key that you enter into the program to activate it. No need to reinstall unless there's a new version available.
  19. Hello David D, Yes, VideoPad can flip your video if it's upside down. Once you do that, you export it to a new video and then that video file will be correct from then on. The way I would do it, would be to rename your original video before you even start to something like "filename - upside down". Then use VP to flip it, then EXPORT it to the original filename. It's also easy to use VP to make text. Just use ADD TEXT, and then I would choose SIMPLE TEXT OVERLAY just to get a feel for it before trying to fancier ones. It presents an input box to type your text, with a panel for choosing font color and whether it's centered, left right, up, down, etc. This will place a text overlay that will be above your video track, so you can slide it around to where you need it and change the length by grabbing the sides and sliding left and right. Of course once again, when you get it correct, the video you EXPORT from this project will have those texts on the video. Hope this helps!
  20. Have you tried plugging it into your line-in and selecting "Stereo Mix" or similar as the recording device?
  21. Thanks to this thread, I have figured out a way to work with channels independently. It is a roundabout way, but at least it's a way. 1. As EricH says, first from Edit menu, Split - Split into component channels. This creates a separate file for each channel and opens them in tabs. These files are mono, so you have to 2. Levels - Stereo Pan It will give a message that the file is mono and that it will convert it to stereo. Select from the drop down menu Pan Everything Right, or Left depending on which channel you're working on. Now you can edit that file however you need to. 3. Repeat Levels - Stereo Pan with your other file (other channel) Edit that file, then copy the whole file. Go back to your other channel and paste mix. The result is your new edited file, which you can save over the original or as a copy.
  22. I don't know if this is your issue, but there's something I learned early on that might relate. If you're doing anything like moving an object, resizing, placing a mask - where it needs to be in a precise location - while your preview setting is at (say) a 4X3 mode, but then you export it to a 16X9 resolution, everything you did will be out of place. So first thing I would do is make sure the preview and export resolutions are compatible. Your preview can be at a lower resolution, but still needs to be 16:9. For instance, you could have the preview be at the lowest 16:9 setting to lower the load on your CPU and speed up the editing, but export it to a 720 or 1080p resolution.
  23. And I greatly appreciate that!
  24. National, I finished processing the clip without problem. At first, I took your advice and went slowly with moving the points to make sure that the clip fully processes (green bar fills). Even though it only takes a second, I was previously moving the points a little faster than that. I thought that had been my problem, but then later I experimented and moved the points as fast as I was before, and it's still working properly. I tried every combination of pre-creating points, letting it automatically creating them, creating them after moving the points, full screen, regular screen.. and I can't get it to exhibit the behaviors I described when I made this post. So I have no clue what was causing it to start with. The stability of my VP install just seems to vary from day to day (it also hasn't crashed last few days), so I'm hoping a system reinstall will bring it back to normal.
  25. Okay, I started over on the clip I've been working on and it's now working again even when creating the masks in full screen. Hopefully I can get through the rest of it before it starts messing up again.
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