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  1. Yeah, I personally would make a transparent PNG picture of a circle in GIMP and then put that on the overlay track.
  2. I'll start it off with getting some clarifications and pointing out one obvious possible cause. You're saying you have one, or more, video tracks with videos, pictures, titles, etc. with just the one audio track? If audio is always stopping at the same point, I'd wonder if you had split the audio track at that point when you were editing one of the video tracks and then the volume somehow got muted at that audio track split point.
  3. Miggy

    Stabilizer Issue

    Thanks, Dangerfreak. I'll give that a try.
  4. I finally learned Resolve enough to do a fade to a clip and it happened there, too. So it's not just VP. I took a 10 second clip of A New Hope, where the droids arrived on Tattooine, and faded it out. It's definitely the video information being left there because there was a very prominent outline of CP30 left on the screen. I went into my NVIDIA control panel and turned down the gamma setting until it disappeared. So I guess that solves it, but makes me wonder why that video information is even there to see.
  5. There's no particular project that has trouble. It can occur any time I try to do a do a fade, as with the tests I did earlier in this thread. Taking a random video, putting it in the timeline, fading. Sometimes there are artifacts left behind in the exported video, and sometimes there aren't.
  6. If VP confuses you, don't even think of trying Davinnci Resolve. It's got a 2600 page manual... that uses very technical language.
  7. c_major, I just wondered what the difference was when I first started using VP, when it was slower but stable and with never any issues, and after I upgraded, which runs faster but having various weird issues. With the Ryzen 7 processors being fairly new, I thought that might have been it.
  8. c_major, Thank you for checking. ETA: I just watched the video again and noticed that it does mess up in another fadeout. The beginning of the video starts with 3 title screen fading to black. Two of them are fine, but the first one leaves behind the after image. So it's just completely random. Just out of curiosity, has VP been documented as running correctly with Ryzen 7 processors?
  9. I did a project yesterday with a ton of fades and the only one with an issue was the final one, ending credits fading to black. And it didn't matter if I had a blank back clip after it or not. If no one else can see it but me, I won't worry about it. But here's something odd. This was a video I created for my wife, taking videos and pictures she had made of her grandfather's quilt presentation ceremony (for being a ww2 vet). I made one final minor change and then left it exporting, as it was time for bed. The project name and final video name are both Quilt Presentation. This morning
  10. Miggy

    Stabilizer Issue

    Thanks borate and National for checking. I should begin each of my posts with "My video driver is always updated" 😛 DirectX is version 12, which is what Windows 10 should be. I checked the link just in case, but it says there's no direct download for updating, it's handled with the automatic Windows 10 updates. I'm going to temporarily break a NCH rule and install VP on my laptop and see what happens with that. If it works, I'll use it long enough to stabilize the 8 short videos I need and then uninstall it. I'm going to say again, I really think there's something going on
  11. Miggy

    Stabilizer Issue

    It errors out on all the videos I've tried. But here's one such video: http://www.landowonder.com/dog.wmv
  12. Has anyone used the stabilizer function lately? I haven't used it in a while, but when I did it worked great. Now I'm getting this error halfway through the process. http://www.landowonder.com/error.png I've tried numerous videos of various lengths - from 3 seconds to 12 minutes, .mp4s, avi, mpeg, used normal mode, ultra mode... same error halfway through.
  13. Thanks, c_major. That could very well possibly be the issue. I'll try that when I get home.
  14. Thanks national and borate again for taking the time to do all the checks. There is something there, and it's a different pattern for each video. It seems to be video information left over from before the fade that gets turned into a ghostly distorted version of the original. Same with video clips that are separated by blank black clips, so it doesn't have to be a fadeout. Out of curiosity, I'm going to do a test where I start off with a black clip and see if there's anything there. Other than that, I don't know what else to do. I'm sure my monitor's set correctly, as there's no iss
  15. Okay, I can't see it in that screenshot above on the monitor here at work. However, I can see the effect in a video I posted a couple of weeks ago. I think this is when I first started noticing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcTc3Vj9xfc Put it full screen and pause around the 5 second mark after the fadeout. I'm almost certain this showed as a pure black fadeout in the preview window. It also does it at the fadeout at the end of the video. ETA: I can't see it on my work laptop, however. I think I'm going crazy.
  16. National, I just see black in your screenshot in the post. But when I save it, then enlarge it I can see it. I took a screen capture of what I'm seeing and am posting it here so I can check it at work. http://landowonder.com/capture.png I did a bunch of tests last night and thought I had figured it out. I switched compressor to MP4 instead of the default (H26 or whatever it is) and the video I exported was completely black. I did several tests and all were black. Then I did one final one and it came out with artifacts. Whatever I'm seeing is *sometimes* being added by VP. I can'
  17. Thanks for the test. Your video shows up correctly on my monitor. I uploaded the one I did. Can you check if you see anything on your end? I can't see it playing in a normal window, but can after changing the YouTube player to fullscreen mode. It's almost like there's an afterimage of what was previously shown. The blotches are in the shape of the "Black Clip" text I made to indicate that the blank clip I inserted is about to come up. For a second or so after "Blank Clip" goes away, it's barely visible. But then it becomes more prominent. [Unneeded Video deleted] I ran tha
  18. I have the latest drivers, as it's set to tell me as soon as a new driver is available. I take back what I said earlier about not seeing it on my laptop. It's still there, just my laptop screen is a little darker and harder to see it. I did a test of first creating a solid black picture using paint. I fullscreened that and my computer monitor shows it pure black. I then used that to create a video with VP and the result is that is shows black as it should. I added a blank black clip after the black picture I made, exported that. it shows the picture I made black, but the clip has the b
  19. Okay, that's odd. I'm not seeing it on my laptop. I'll have to figure out what's going on with my monitor - fairly new, Dell 27" that has a great picture otherwise. That, now that I'm thinking about it, didn't used to do this.
  20. Nat, I sure see the artifacts on my screen. I took your screen shot, cropped out the screen, then blew it up. Do you see it in this picture? For some reason I can't see where to embed a picture in the post; Insert other media doesn't do anything.... Anyway, this is a link to it. http://www.landowonder.com/black clip.jpg
  21. c_major, Yes, still having issue with dark portions of videos. My current project uses clips from Star Wars. This effect is really noticeable in Vader's suit. I'm not sure on the codec. I haven't changed anything, so whatever VP uses, I guess? I usually export to .mp4 but I just tested exporting to .avi and same thing. I also have played it with different players. Here's a video I uploaded to YouTube to illustrate it. I took the first 10 seconds of the famous Bark Side video and faded out the last 3 seconds. You might have to put YouTube on full screen to see the effect. After i
  22. Thanks for the verification borate. I'm relieved that this one is not just me. I don't know what version introduced this bug, I just know it didn't do this when I first started using VP.
  23. borate, I now see what you mean about switching over to clip preview tab to only see the clip preview. However, I like to see how the changes I'm making affect the sequence as a whole as a lot of times I'm lining up objects that are overlaid. Anyway, I have it set for dual preview mode so I have clip preview and sequence preview side by side. I tested it both ways, and I have the same problem whether using dual preview or single preview with the the sequence view undocked. I uploaded a video I captured of what's going on. It only captured the main window and not the effect window, so y
  24. Yes, you'll need to buy a license to continue saving your projects as sound files. This is to let you test out the editing features of the program to see if it would useful to you, but you have to purchase it to save those projects as sound files (which obviously you'd need to do). I don't think there's anything you can do with the recordings you've made and saved as projects unless you buy a license so that you can save them as wave files (or whatever). As far as free utilities: if all you need to do is record your voice for narrations, I'd just search for voice recorder, like the one t
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