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  1. c_major, Thanks for the response. This project, as is with most of my projects, consists of numerous mini-projects - 15 second or so videos that I put in effects, texts, export to their own videos. Those videos will be combined into a final project. So I was having to redo the export settings for each of those mini-projects. I think probably most of the inconsistencies I was experiencing was because sometimes I saved projects after exporting and sometimes I didn't. However, I have just verified at least one occurrence of this changing export results. I wrote down each of the project names and what happened when I went to File-Export. Seven of them had the correct File options (not disc, as in my screenshot) and also had the folder and resolution correct. For one of the 3 that had shown the disc export dialogue box, I used the Export option from the toolbar and exported to my folder and at 1080p. I then saved the project, closed it, then loaded it up again. File -Export then went to File and correct folder / 1080p. I thought that was my answer to the inconsistencies I was experiencing, but then I loaded up one of the other 2 projects that had previously gone to a Export Disc menu and *that* time File - Export brought up the export file menu with my folder and 1080p selected, even though I hadn't done anything with the project previously but close it. So I don't know what to think about that now. Request: Would it be possible to have something in the options to put the default export folder and resolution? That way File- Export should always behave the way I expect it to. Alternatively have a checkbox item in settings that will keep export settings to saved projects (the way you changed it to) or to keep the most recent export settings (the way it used to)?
  2. Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting when I click File - Export Video.... As a note of interest, I had to try several times to get it to come up because it was actually working correctly for a while there. I loaded up three project in a row and they were coming up with the correct file export window. Then I loaded one up and it gave the disc export one. I went back to one of the previous projects I had just gotten to work correctly and that time it gave the disc export again. So it seems to be happening randomly.
  3. I seem to be experiencing some inconsistencies with exporting since the last couple of updates. It used to be I would always use the File - Export option when doing a series of exports and it remembered my file destination folder and export settings (1080petc). After the ... I think 6.23 update... that now brings up a dialogue box that's trying to create a disc. I thought it was just an intended change so I started going through the Export tab or Export option in the tool bar. Going either of those routes produce the same results. Sometimes it remembers my previous export options, but most of the time it doesn't and I have to guide it to my directory and change 4K to 1080p. To muddy things, as a test I just clicked on File - Export and *that* time it brought up the dialogue box it used to with the file export (not disc export) options with my preferred folder directory and resolution. But I'm guessing I'll try it later and it'll bring back the disc export screen. ETA: I just tried to export again with File - Export and back came the disc export options. In addition, when I do get the correct file export options I get two variations of it. One has the templates (like Youtube) drop down menu and the other does not. I can still select 1080p from the resolution drop down menu, though, it's just odd. And I should clarify, I still have VideoPad open,. I'm not closing it down and reloading it in between these tests.
  4. Nationalsolo, Yeah, that's just how I found out it works! Thanks to you and borate for your expert guidance!
  5. Okay, I had some time tonight so tested it out. To quote Sir Robin from Holy Grail: "Oh, that's easy!" For some reason I got the idea that to do something like that, you had to add a bunch of key frames to move it step by step in half- or quarter-second intervals. That would be been tedious. But all I did was add a keyframe at the beginning, then added a keyframe at the end after zooming in to how I wanted it to end up. Turned out perfect. Thanks, borate!
  6. Thanks, borate. I'll try that when I get to some days off so I have time to really get into it. I only have a vague idea of how key frames work. Is it that you move an image and set a key frame every... so many frames... to show where it is moving within the timeline? If so, how many do you need to put in and what is the minimal frame interval to have an image move from point A to point B? ETA: Oh.. I've watched that tutorial before. For some reason I'm just not getting it from that tutorial.
  7. I have a project I just started working on. It includes a series of still pictures of different people that are displayed for 5 seconds, and I want to do a slow zoom in on the person's face, like they do on some TV shows. I can use the pan and zoom (think that's what it's called) but that goes to the center of the image. Usually I need it to go up and right or left. I tried to combine it with position slide up or down, but that doesn't look right as it brings down black areas that are apparently created by the zoom process. Does this require the use of key frames, or is there some easy way to do it. If it requires key frames, I might have to finally get down to learning how to do that.
  8. I think Nat means the replies to your "Audio - Mono Channel With Multiple Tracks" thread.
  9. benkyearn, Yeah, I understand. This topic just made me wonder that, since I was formerly unaware of this YouTube rule.
  10. I'm wondering how anyone would know that a particular video up on YouTube was put together using Videopad.
  11. While searching for a particular issue, I ran across a thread on here from several years ago that said the developers wanted to concentrate on "average computers" and that more advanced systems wouldn't be of any benefit. I don't know if that philosophy has changed or not.
  12. Hi, Lynne. Just to cover the basics: you did place your video and audio file onto the timeline? And when you preview from the timeline, it plays correctly?
  13. For future reference if anyone runs across this thread: I figured out what happened. What I was seeing was the result of exporting a 480p video to a 1080p video, then exporting it back to 480p. I had changed to 480 one time because I was exporting something as a test and wanted it to be done a little quicker (the aspect ration didn't matter for the test). Then I forgot to change it back when i exported that particular video, then must have later remembered to change it back to 1080.
  14. You could put in just the title you want to replicate on your timeline, save that as a project file under a name that will represent that title sequence. Then when you do a new project using it, load the title project, add your videos, and save project under new name.
  15. No problem, c_major, I never know if it's just my inexperience or if there's a real issue, so that's why I ask. After some more testing I have found out my specific issue seems to be because the clip I was trying to reverse was one that I had performed a time speed change on, and right clicking to reverse the clip was conflicting with the check box option of reversing the clip from the speed change dialogue box.
  16. I'm not sure that's the issue, as I have it set to automatically clean out the cache folder every time it exits. I forgot to mention before that it did this while using 6.20 earlier in the week, and still the same after the 6.21 upgrade (which was a clean install, btw).
  17. Okay, did some testing and here's what I found out. I first took a different, random video clip and that indeed did reverse properly. Then I tried to reverse the video I was originally working with, and that still will not reverse. Here are the specific circumstances: I have a video clip showing a flyover of three different cities. I trimmed out the third segment and wanted to reverse that, so it was flying toward the camera instead of away from it. I have a text overlay, typewriter, displaying the city names along with audio clips down in the audio track for the typewriter sound. Opening that project, then separating out the third segment will not let me reverse it. However, I deleted everything from the project except the video clip, then it will reverse. I ended up just exporting that to its own separate video file and then importing it back into the project. Is that just weird, or was I violating some "reverse clip" rule?
  18. Reversing clips does not seem to be working for me, but I figure I must be doing something wrong. I click right on a video clip and select to play it in reverse. It flashes through the clip like it's updating, but video plays normal as if nothing was applied. Same result if I check the option when changing the play speed (which does work).
  19. c_major, Thanks for the response. That issue seems to have been a one time occurrence. Since then I've been trimming off the ends to make sure everything lines up, and I've gotten the correct results from my exported videos. It did not happen again while I was on 6.20 and I don't expect it to happen again on 6.21, which I installed last night. So far, I'm liking the 6.21!
  20. Thanks, Nat. I've not had much issue arranging the window into a workable order. I've got a 27" monitor at 2560X1440, so I'm sure that helps. As far as effects preview responsiveness, the new 6.21 version I installed last night seems to be performing better - but I'll try a lower preview window resolution. I had thought that the delay in process was because it was effecting the whole clip each time (which wouldn't be affected by your preview resolution) but maybe it's a combination of the two.
  21. This morning I started re-working this scene from scratch, but if it happens again I might do that. And thanks for taking the time to do that testing. It confirms what I thought should be happening, and what I believe has happened most of the times I've exported. Maybe last night was one of those one-time glitches.
  22. So... I see in another thread that 6.21 is now fixed? I might take a chance on installing it before continuing my project for the reported improved preview function. Is it necessary or recommended to uninstall the current version first?
  23. Thanks again borate and Nationalsolo. You guys have been tremendously helpful to me. borate, are you saying you did those tests and that's the results you got? If so, that's what I would expect. I just don't understand what happened last night. Could having an object - in this case, a transparent .png - overlapped off the right edge of the visible image (but cropped so that nothing of it shows through the black edge) cause this? Nationalsolo, Oh yeah, I make multiple saves of projects, videos, pictures, audio, directories. Might go overboard a little but doesn't hurt to be cautious. The reason I said my work was wasted last night was that I had reinserted a video I had already worked on and then saved over it before I realized the framing problem. So I lost the original (good) version and will have to do that work over. Going back to a former stage of the project is no good, because it has as an element the video.. which I overwrote.. which is now no good. :p
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