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  1. Thanks borate and Nationalsolo, I think I was looking at the wrong place for the Clip & Background option.. I'll give that a try and see how it works. What I had in mind was not actually applying the effect, but just to have a graphical representation of the object you're repositioning, rotating, etc, on the screen. After further thought, you wouldn't need a "Apply" button, but maybe the effects wouldn't ne applied to the whole track until you exit the effects dialogue box. Might not be possible, but was just a thought.
  2. I captured some video from a VHS tape from a movie I made 20 years ago. I broke this up into 22 or so separate videos for the different scenes. Of course, it's at 640X480, since it's from a tape. As a test, I exported one of the clips to a 1080p video, and it came out just the way I was hoping. As in figure 1, it displays just as if you're watching 4X3 material on a widescreen TV. I'm almost finished putting the movie together, and the last scene I'm working on I'm superimposing another video onto it (scaled down and rotated). I was finally done last night, but when I exported again at 1080p, it came out like DVD movies did before they started making them enhanced for widescreen TVs (fig 2). My first thought was that exporting an already converted 1080p video to another 1080p video Is what did this. But then I remembered that I had already done a test of putting the whole movie together into a sequence and then exporting the whole thing as one video. All those separate scenes were 1080p videos and THAT resulted in a combined video (exported again as 1080p) that had come out correctly just like fig 1. I kind of panicked after losing that work, so I quickly did a test of taking that same footage from the 640X480 original version that I had thankfully saved, and exported that to 1080p. Was relieved to see that that does still work as before. When I'm able to resume work on it this evening, I'm planning on putting the original 640X480 video in, superimposing the other video, then export to 1080p and hopefully that will come out correctly. In the meantime, would adding the superimposed video make It lose its correct framing? Hmmmm... I had made a couple of simple pictures in paint to represent exactly what I'm talking about that I thought I could simply upload (under Insert other media). But the only two choices are Insert from URL - which I could do if I were on my home computer - or Insert existing attachment. But I don't know how to do that second option.
  3. Thanks, Nationalsolo. I never did find the CLIP AND BACKGROUND option (although I found the dual preview window option, if that accomplished the same thing?) , but undocking the preview window allowed me to do what I needed to do. Another small followup question that would be a good suggestion for an update, unless it's already there and I'm just missing it. When you're in the effects window and applying an effect, it seems that VP applies it to the whole clip each time you make an adjustment. In other words, each time you click an arrow to increase or decrease crop (for example), it applies it to the clip (indicated by the frames repopulating). This makes it extremely slow to make any adjustments. What I'd really like it to do would be to have something like "Apply to clip" button on the effects window so that you can get your object positioned or cropped the way you want it, then click that button to apply. I hope I worded that clearly enough! Incidentally, this behavior of constant clip modification also eventually breaks my preview screen when it is undocked. The preview window sometimes reverts back to the first frame instead of the frame I'm looking at so I can make the adjustments. When it does that, sometimes it will go back to the frame I'm at after about 5 or 6 seconds, but sometimes it gets stuck. Further, sometimes undocking the preview window will fix it, but other times I have to close out of VP and restart. All this makes doing projects much longer than they should.
  4. Okay, thanks. Was going to try it out this weekend, but sounds like I need to wait until I'm really sure 6.21 is ready.
  5. I'll try that out when I get home this evening. Thanks, borate! That sure would make things easier. Additional question: Is there a way to zoom in on the sequence preview? What I'm trying to position, scale, and rotate is rather small and it would be helpful to zoom in somehow to get precise positioning.
  6. Couple of questions: 1 - I was thinking of installing the new version onto my laptop to test it out, then replacing the one on my desktop. I'm assuming when I install it, I just use the key I got when I purchased it. I'm also guessing you can install it onto 2 machines like that, but just want to make sure it doesn't cause me a problem getting the new version on my desktop. 2 - Unless I'm just not seeing it, the Videopad product page doesn't indicate which version you're downloading. The install program itself is only called vppsetup.exe. How do you know when the new version is released - just keep checking this thread?
  7. I'm currently working on adding a scaled down and rotated video superimposed over the video on the main track. When you initiate an effect or switch back to it, VP goes to clip preview. While on that screen, it has up the "interactive" version of changing the settings (click and drag to reposition, click and drag the dots to rotate, etc). But when you switch to sequence view to see how it lines up with your main video, it goes away. You can change it using the values still, but that interactive ability would be really useful when you can see it over the main video. Is this just how it works, or am I missing something? Also, this isn't too big of a deal, but I've been encountering a weird issue when several effects have been applied and I switch back and forth between them. To illustrate: I switch from rotate back to position and then click on the clip to drag it to a new position. The effects selection switches back to rotate. Most times I can switch back to position again and it will stick that time. Like I said, not too big a deal but wondering if this is a common experience.
  8. Thank you borate and Nationalsolo for your responses. I ended up redoing the whole sequence from scratch and that time the video ended properly. I don't know what was going on before, but hopefully it was just a weird one time glitch.
  9. I bought VP a few weeks ago, so should be fine. I'll wait until next weekend to download it.
  10. Thanks, borate. Okay, that's good to know. I saw your reply to my question about my issues with ending a sequence with a titled overlay. Maybe the new version will fix that. What's the best way to do that? An option to check for updates n the program itself, or download directly from the website?
  11. I ran into an issue last night that was about to drive me crazy before I found a way I could fix it. But I'm wondering if I was doing something wrong in the first place or if this is normal VideoPad behavior. I did a project that had 4 short video clips put in order (total length is about 40 seconds) with music in the background. I put a text overlay on the last video clip. Previewing showed no problems, so I exported it to an MP4 movie. When I played back the movie, I noticed something weird at the very end. Eventually saw that the last frame was the text over a black background. So it seemed the text went a frame further than the video. I went back to VP and did the preview again, but NOW that has the same issue. I did a simple cut to all tracks and removed the last half second, thinking that would make everything end correctly. Preview once again showed it properly, but exported movie this time had last frame showing a picture but no text. The odd thing is that once I export, THEN the preview will show the anomalous behavior whereas it shows correctly before I export. I thought maybe I had messed up the project beyond hope, after having done some minor trimming and clips speed change earlier. So I started completely over. Added the video clips, added the background music, overlaid last video with the text. Exported movie.. same problem. Hours later, after much hair pulling and trying everything I could think of, I finally got the idea to put the exported movie back in VP and then cutting off the last half second of that, then re--exporting back to the MP4 file. Obviously that resulted in a video having a last frame with picture and text in tact. If nothing else, that's the way I could handle this in the future.. but I'm wondering where I went wrong trying to get the first exported movie file to work?
  12. I bought VideoPad a few weeks ago. Is this new version something I can apply an update or am I expected to buy it again?
  13. Miggy

    youtube problem

    If I remember correctly, you can't export your project to a video file after the trial period ends. So, can you export a project to a video? If you can, just go to YouTube and click and drag that video to the upload section. These steps will provide troubleshooting data.
  14. Okay, I first tried to slow down a 4 second clip from another video and that worked fine. Then I tried the original piece of footage, and now that"s working fine. I guess my computer just wasn't in a cooperative mood this morning!
  15. I got that, too, the first few times I tried to a transition but haven't gotten it since. I *think* what it is, is that you have a default setting for the duration of the transition, and the clip that follows where you're trying to do the transition is shorter than that. I believe the message offers the option of automatically making a change that will allow the transition. I'm sure other more advanced users will probably chime in!
  16. Thank you Borate for doing that test. Later this evening I will try to clear the cache, and then also will try to change the play speed on a different piece of video to see if I get the same result.
  17. Thanks, Borate. I should have the latest, as I just recently got VP and downloaded it directly from NCH's website. I know my video driver is up to date, so I'll try to clear the cache when I get home. In the meantime, let me just check this. The reason I'm changing the video speed is that this segment is only 4 seconds long, and I wanted to draw it out to 9 or 10 seconds. Could the segment being so short be causing the problem?
  18. I had this issue this morning when trying to change the playspeed of a video clip. I changed it to play at 50% speed, then previewed it once. After that, preview doesn't work any more. The pause button gets stuck so you can't click play. Also, dragging the scrubber over the clip doesn't even flash through the video in the preview windows. I closed out Videopad to reload it, but it wouldn't run - clicking on desktop icon just doesn't do anything. I had to log off and log back into Windows for VP to run. Then it works fine until I apply the video speed change, and then it breaks it again every time. What I ended up doing was just exporting the movie clip immediately after changing the speed, even though I couldn't preview it first. That seemed to work fine, as the exported video clip came out the way I had intended. I have another sequence later on in this project that I had planned to change the video speed. I guess if nothing else I can make the changes and export, but just not be able to preview to verify first. Is this a known issue or does anyone have any ideas?
  19. Thanks, Vapors. Windows Media Player will actually rip CDs and add the metatags, but it does this automatically without even any chance at putting in a custom genre tag. So maybe ripping with that and editing it with another program will accomplish what I need.
  20. I just had the idea of trying to rip the CD from a different drive, just in case that was the cause but it's the same result:
  21. There's a button to the left of the audio tracks that you click and select the volume level. Just set it to 0. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question?
  22. vapors, Thanks for the reply and doing some testing. Much appreciated. As far as easily editing the metadata, I'm assuming you mean through another program, as I don't think Express Rip will edit sound files already on your computer. Do you have a good one to recommend if that's the route I need to take? The program I've been using for years (Tag&Rename) suddenly quit working last week. The tags show up properly on my computer when looking at the music files, but show up as "Unknown artist", etc when I play it on my car system. I reinstalled it and then installed a previous version, but still the same. Now, as far as version 1.81 working for you, do you know if there's any way I can download that version and give it a try? In the meantime, I'm still looking for another CD ripper program and / or tagging program that will work for me, but the problem is I need one that has an entry field for genre, instead of the drop down box. I need to enter in my own text, as I use that field for putting the year of release instead of genre (which is pretty much useless information for my collection). That's the reason I really liked Express Rip because this solved my issue with the genre field, until I noticed the apostrophes.
  23. I thought tgparker was asking how to edit the left or right audio channel separate from the other. And that's something I'd like to know as well. Maybe you need Wavepad to do that?
  24. I tried to send this to tech support, but it said I had to buy the program first before I could send the message. No, if you fix this issue, then I will buy it. I hope someone will see this post, whether tech support or another user, that can help me. Here is the message I was trying to send: ExpressRip is exactly what I was needing and I was ready to buy. But then I ripped a CD that has apostrophe's (') in the album title and in one of the songs. The apostrophe comes out as a weird symbol (it's small, so can't really see it, but maybe a hex code?) in the metadata. Do you know of any possible fix for this?
  25. Oh yeah, the shaky titles are intentional. That's the charm of No-Budget Productions. I saw the text / title features, but that would make it look too professional. Just buying Videopad alone is 6x the budget of my first movie 20 years ago!
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