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  1. We have noticed it does tend to happen when the center pedal is used. We configured the software so that the left and right is in used and that works fine, providing the center pedal is not pressed it should work fine.
  2. We have had our infinity pedals and the express scribe pro software for a month and the issue with the pedals dropping out have arisen. It fixes the issue when it is disconnected and reconnect and works for about 20 mins. I am hoping its a software problem, thinking if the software regularly checks the license validity with the website on a regular basis, and if it looses contact with the website, it locks out the foot pedal thinking it is unlicensed. We tried turning off the USB power saving features and even plugging the foot pedal into a powered USB hub, just in case it was getting enough power. But the drop out still happens. Any feedback on this would be useful
  3. Is there an update on this, we have 5 of them in the office and they are experience dropout issues, and we have only had for a month. We tried turning off the USB Power saving features and plugging it into a Powered USB hub just in case it wasn't getting enough power.
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