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  1. Sooo.... I downloaded another player for Macs that should work with an infinity foot pedal, but the controller doesn't work either, it doesn't control anything. Just to check : to all of you who have the same problem as me, can you check under the controller if ver.14 is written ? Maybe this is the cause of all this ?
  2. Hi, thanks for testing this ! I'm using Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.5 and my ExpressScribe is registered. I haven't been able to test it on Windows to check if it works, but I've tested it on earlier versions of Mac and it doesn't work either. Downgraded ES but it doesn't work better. Can I use my licence on Windows to test if it works or not ? Are the licence numbers the same on win/Macs ?
  3. Hello ! (excuse my Frenglish lol) Anyone facing issues with the foot controller infinity in-usb-2 with ExpressScribe Pro ? I configured it correctly, it shows status OK in the status bar, but when I press the controller it's not playing, nor rewarding, not fasting forward. Please can anyone help ? I bought this controller out of Amazon, and I cannot send it back anymore. A foot controller someone lent me, specific to Olympus dss player, works just fine with ExpressScribe. Should I downgrade ExpressScribe Pro ? Please note that my controller is brand new, no dust stocked inside it. T
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