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  1. Hi Tim (and everyone else with this issue) Thanks so much for posting this. Must admit I had the same thought as my foot pedal was at least 3+ years old. I'm ashamed to say I was too lazy to check this so glad you did! Will be really interested to know if things are still working for you in a month's time. I suspect dust is probably the culprit, at least it's easier than dealing with a software blip! Good luck! Ingrid
  2. In reply to all posts re. foot pedal, I can say that I tested the footpedal that kept cutting out on several other computers on a different network and found it also did the same on their PCs. So this saved me having to make any alterations on my PC and I bought a new USB Infinity Foot Pedal which is now working fine. So I can only assume after three years of use I must have pulled a wire loose somewhere (very likely actually). So I'd recommend as a first fix try your footpedal thoroughly on another machine and if it does the same thing you know it's a hardware issue, not a software one
  3. OK - so my Infinity IN-USB-2 foot pedal which worked fine since 2014 with Express Scribe Pro has for the last few months been intermittently 'dropping out'. It works fine for a couple of minutes then cuts out. I've just spent £20 upgrading to the latest version of Express Scribe 6.0 in case that was an issue but the same thing happens. Have checked set up, Windows 10 Power Management, Device troubleshooting etc, etc. Everything comes back - 'no problem'. I work professionally as a transcriber so before I order another foot pedal I want to check if there are any known software conflicts tha
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