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  1. Thanks, I will give that a try. [EDIT: Well, thanks for the attempt, I give up. I updated my drivers (they were more out of date than I thought, but now they are updated), I toggled on the hardware acceleration, and then tried both H264 and MPEG4, and I'm getting the same result. Guess I'll just have to do that conversion from TS to MP4 before I edit, that works fine. Not a big deal really. Thanks for trying. Perhaps this will go away when the 64 bit version arrives].
  2. Here is a link to a new project, if you would care to take a look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YQc-XheLippF-qDDreI7Nvtaqk2b5Anq/view?usp=sharing The fact that it is not happening on your system, yet is 100% reproducible and consistent on mine suggests there is something different about our set ups. Perhaps you could suggest some settings I could look into that might be causing this? I will update my video drivers (although the ones I have are not that old, I will check them). Is there anything else? Hardware acceleration, etc.?
  3. I have reported this bug before, but now I have more information which may be helpful in reproducing it. Do with it what you will. Background: using VP 8.95 This is my system https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bwrzgJ produce 5 videos / week, each about an hour long video raw footage recorded using a Hauppage Pro, which creates .TS files. This bug has existed since at least version 8.91, probably earlier (I honestly don't remember when I first started encountering it). Reproducing the bug: Pull the raw footage (TS file) into VP. Add in my ancillary files (WAV track of equal time to the raw footage, plus intros and outros, generally either MP4s or AVI files of short duration) Synch the audio to the video (game sound must be synched at both the front and back end [which requires a "speed change" in order to move the back end without moving the front]. The "commentary" WAV file need only be synched at the front and seems to always hold synch through the entire length once synched at the front). Edit the file (a lot of taking out excess footage and removing extraneous noises from the WAV track) Export the resulting project as an MP4 file (using preset "YouTube 1080p HD"). Result: The produced MP4 file shows a slip of the audio by 0.3 - 0.4 seconds against the video compared to what is shown in the VP preview pane during editing. The audio is slipped forward (i.e. it must be pulled backward by that amount of time to resynch it). This is 100% reproducible, it happens every single time (5 times a week in my case). Interestingly, it seems to matter not at all how long the video is (all of mine are AROUND an hour (+/- 15 minutes), so I've not tested it with anything much shorter or much longer than that), it's always 0.3 - 0.4 seconds. Fix: Return the created MP4 file to VP, unlink and realign the audio track to the video (no speed change is necessary to synch the back of the audit, once you resynch it at the front of the video, the audio is synched across the length of the entire thing), and re-export (using the same settings). The resulting MP4 file does not slip, the audio is synched the same as the preview pane of VP. This is the way I have been working for some time now (some months?). It's kind of annoying, but it's workable. All of this I previously reported. Now for the new information. This I sort of discovered by accident: Alternative workflow: Pull in the raw footage (TS file) into VP. Immediately export it to MP4 (no editing, synching or anything, just pull it in and export it, using the "YouTube 1080p HD" preset). My presumption is that this export will also slip the audio track, but who cares, I didn't synch it in the first place. Clear the project to a new one, bring in the raw footage as the MP4 file (along with all the other ancillary files). Edit as normal (synch the audios, edit out the extraneous stuff, etc). Export the resulting project as an MP4 file (using the preset as described above). This is exactly the same process as the original workflow, the only difference is there is no longer a TS file involved, everything is either MP4, AVI, or WAV files. Result: The produced MP4 files shows no slip of the audio, it is perfectly synched to what was shown in the VP preview pane. Analysis: As the only difference between workflow 1 and workflow 2 was the removal of the TS file before editing begins, my conclusion is there is something amiss with how VP encodes the MP4 export file when (and only when) a TS file is part of the input. I don't know why that would be (my assumption was when a file is pulled into VP, it converts it to its own format, and the original input format is no longer of any consequence, but that doesn't seem to be the case [or maybe there is something wrong with that conversion that doesn't show up until you try and export from it, I don't know]). Well, I hope that helps. It sure would be nice if this particular bug was tracked down and squashed. It's not a HUGE deal (especially with my alternative workflow, which is significantly faster than what I was doing), but as I have to do this five times a week, extra steps are always annoying, so cutting out the extra exporting would be a good QoL improvement for me at least. Surely I can't be the only one using TS files, Hauppage is a pretty commonly used piece of hardware for this kind of thing. I know you are going to want me to upload a sample project. You really should be able to reproduce this yourself (assuming you can create a TS file). But since I know you're going to ask, here is one I previously uploaded that should do just fine to reproduce the bug: [EDIT: actually, scratch that file, I'm uploading a fresh one, I'll edit the link in when it's done uploading]
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    64 bit

    I see as of 8.95 some 64 bit elements are starting to creep into the release builds. Nice! Does this mean we are inching closer to a 64 bit release of the editor?
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    I did report it. The response I got was "Works here, must be you". You perhaps remember the project I uploaded (was a Batman Arkham Knight video). Nothing has changed since then. Almost every bug I've mentioned has gotten that same response, so I've given up reporting them. Either they'll get fixed or they won't. Most have (including ones I was told were definitely NOT a bug, heh). Just this one in particular seems to persist, and like I said, I can live with it.
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    Odd how different people have different experiences. For me 8.91 is very nearly perfect for my purposes, while 8.84 was virtually unusable (due to a particular bug which DID appear in earlier versions very occasionally, but was MUCH more common in 8.84). 8.91 is awesome, and probably the one I will stick with, as it checks all the boxes I need (there is no noticeable delay when splitting tracks as long as the overall track is less than about 65 or 70 minutes [if you get longer than that, it does start to lag, giving a 2 or 3 second delay before you can start playing again after a cut, but I can totally live with that as most of my vids are around the 60-65 minutes range]). The bug in 8.84 I was having was completely fixed (I won't describe it, it's too complicated, but it was very much a huge problem in the prior version which made it almost impossible to edit any sequence that exhibited that bug). Everything else just seems to work perfect, I have nearly no complaints. Even putting in transitions (which has almost always caused delays when trying to turn on playback) is often nearly instantly ready to play (not always), and even when it's not instant, the delay is usually quite slight (on the order of a second or two before the program can build the preview). For me, this is the best version you've released in a long time. If I had one very minor quibble, it's that I still get slippage with the audio on export to MP4. It's very consistent, happens to each and every one of my videos. They all slip by about 0.4 seconds (with the audio lagging behind the video). I just have to, after the initial export, pull the MP4 back into VP, disconnect the audio from video, pull it back that half second, and re-export. The re-export does not slip (not sure why, maybe because it's much simpler with no transitions or speed changes or anything like that). I do wish that particular bug would be fixed, and if it was, I would change versions again, but really, it's not that big of a deal, takes me less than 10 minutes to fix a video after export. So yeah, for me, 8.91 is great. Funny that for you it's not so much. I know everyone's situation is different. I guess ya just gotta find the version that works for your purposes, and once you find a good one, keep using that.
  7. Well, okay. I tried. Looks like I'll be sticking with 7.10 then indefinitely. Good luck.
  8. Alright, here you go. This was edited with version 8.70 or 8.71 (not sure which, but it's the same either way). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rhi02ghcasBoP_lB5GxqWpnwY-Tu-Ll1/view?usp=sharing Note that this is an edited version, so the speed change on audio 1 is applied (and therefore is synched across the entire hour long video). If you want to see the 3-5 second desych, you'll have to undo that (easiest way is to add a fresh copy of the gameplay video, synch it at the front, and then check the back end to see how far off it is). Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. I'm posting this only to give the devs a datapoint. I've already resolved my issues by reverting backward (to version 7.10), and at this point have no intention of installing anything more recent (as I've spent what seems like hours trying to find workarounds and fixes to what I consider to be critical bugs). So you can take from it what you will. I will say in advance, that while I may sound critical of the program, I am not trying to be. I love VP, I think it is an awesome editor, and I've used it since version 3 (several years now). So please don't think I'm bashing, I'm only providing this information so the devs can use it to maybe look for fixes (or not, it's up to them). So, here is how I use VP. I record ~1 hour to as high as 90 minute game videos in TS format (I don't know much about the TS file type, whether it's a container or what, but it has A/V). I also record along with that my commentary (same length) as a WAV file. Along with those main files is an intro (7 seconds, MP4 container A/V), and 3 outro files (about 20 seconds each, 3 AVI files). All of these get put into tracks and the whole shebang gets edited down to about an hour long (give or take 10 minutes) for upload to YouTube. I used to do AVI exports, but have switched to MP4 (H264 and AACX compression) at 1920x1080 @ 29.97 fps. So, in terms of audio synch, I'll first talk about version 7.1 which is what I use now, and contrast that afterward with version 8.71 (the last one I tried). This is my workflow in 7.10 1. Import all files 2. Synch game sound with video (generally I find the game sound is slightly late, and needs to be adjusted by about a tenth to a quarter of a second). So I disconnect the A/V and move the audio track. This adjustment synchs the game sound across the ENTIRE hour of video (contrast that with what I've found below in version 8.71). 3. Add the commentary track and synch that to the game video (since this is recorded entirely separately, the time offset is variable). Again, synching this at the beginning synchs it across the ENTIRE hour of video. 4. Edit the three tracks (one video, two audio) as a unit. This often involves adding some transitions (most fades) and effects (mostly audio amplifications) 5. Add the intros and outros. Also some minor transitions (cross fades) and effects (audio amplifications). 6. Export as MP4 as described above. 7. Ready for upload to YT. Now, let's contrast this to what steps I have to take in 8.71. I will bold the additional steps required to get usable video. 1. Import all files 2. Synch game sound with video (generally I find the game sound is slightly late, and needs to be adjusted by about a tenth to a quarter of a second). So I disconnect the A/V and move the audio track. This adjustment does not synch the game sound across the ENTIRE hour of video. 2a. The front end of the audio is synched to the video, but the back is not. Generally I find the game sound to be 3-5 seconds behind the video near the end of the hour. What I have to do is find a synch point near the end (something with a distinctive sound that I can link to the video), determine where it SHOULD be, subtract where it actually is, and add a "Speed Change" effect to the audio track (unchecking the "Keep audio pitch unchanged" checkbox). This speed change allows me to keep the front of the audio where it is, while moving the back to align with where it ought to be in the video. Since it is only 3-5 seconds change over the course of an hour long video, no noticeable change in the pitch can be heard, so this gives me a usable game sound track that is synched perfectly with the video across the entire hour. 3. Add the commentary track and synch that to the game video (since this is recorded entirely separately, the time offset is variable. Again, synching this at the beginning synchs it across the ENTIRE hour of video. 4. Edit the three tracks (one video, two audio) as a unit. This often involves adding some transitions (most fades) and effects (mostly audio amplifications) 5. Add the intros and outros. Also some minor transitions (cross fades) and effects (audio amplifications). 6. Export as MP4 as described above. 6a. The resulting MP4 video export now has the sound de-synched (by roughly half a second) across the entire hour long video. I must now re-import the video I just exported back into VP. Of course, this consists only of two tracks (one video and one audio). 6b. Disconnect the audio from video and move the audio track about half a second to re-synch it with the video (this re-synchs across the entire hour). Re-export it again with the same settings as described above for MP4. This new export is now synched (audio and video). 7. Ready for upload to YT. I will note here that exporting to AVI container gives precisely the same results and MP4 does (but it's a nice improvement from what I was getting in versions 8 - 8.69 where AVI was completely unusable at all, someone DID fix the AVI export at least to match the MP4 export, so that was nice). Another note I will make is that in version 8.71, the outro videos (that are meant to be 20 seconds long exactly) are for some reason being imported in as 20.4 seconds, which absolutely is not right (I made them EXACTLY 20 seconds on purpose). This might have something to do with the synch issues, or not, just something to look at perhaps. In version 7.1 these files come in correctly as 20 seconds long. The number of additional steps required in version 8.71 is too fiddly for me, and takes up far too much time. As I do five of these a week, I can't spend that much time futzing about with the synch issues. I have found version 7.1 doesn't have these issues and I can move along nicely once I have the initial tracks synched up. Hopefully the devs can take a look at these issues and get things fixed. If you like, I can upload a project I did with version 8.71 and you can export it yourself to see the 0.5 second synch issue. You could also check out what I had to do to the game audio file to get it to synch across the entire video. If you want it, let me know. I hope this is helpful. If you guys could fix all these synch issues, I would love to use the most current version of the program. But until that happens, I must stay with what works without causing a whole lot of extra work for me. I've done a few videos now with 7.1 and have not found any critical issues (the most annoying one is I can't use the "enter" key to finalize effect/transitions, I have to use the mouse to click the "X" to close the box, but I can live with that, it's no big deal). Ron
  10. Just to give you a data point... I routinely import ~1 hour long TS files recorded at 1080p @ 60FPS. These files generally run in the 6-8 gb range. In addition, I also add various ancillary files (which are much shorter and smaller) consisting of AVI, MP4, and WAV files. VP handles all this without any issues (in terms of import and editing). Based on that, I would think it should be able to handle 20 second clips just fine. I don't know if there is a limit on the number you can import (the most I've imported on a single project is in the neighborhood of 15 clips). I think there is a trial version you could test out with, if you want to be sure before you purchase a license. Borate can probably give you more info.
  11. Correct, when I say zoom, that is what I mean, expanding the track. It's a PC install. I could upload the project, but when I did that with my last one, you couldn't reproduce the issue. That's why I think these issues are PROBABLY hardware specific (if everyone were having these same issues, I expect these boards would be flooded with bug reports, lol). I'm wondering if it might be AMD chip related (I'm on an AMD Rizen 9). Probably the easiest thing I could do would be to put together a short video showing the issues I am having, and the differences in performance between 8.45 and 8.23. I'm happy to do that, but I can't until later this week when I have some time. So far, 8.23 is performing awesomely! And again, I feel bad, I'm not trying to trash the program, just trying to give some data. If it is just me, then fine, I'll stick with 8.23, but if it's more widespread, the devs might want to know about it. Ron
  12. Just to add a data point, I too am reverting back to 8.23 (which for me is still a significant upgrade, since the version I used to work with up until this week was 3.85, several years old!) Although Borate did his best to help me with one of my problems (which we solved basically by not using that particular feature), the number of issues I am having with 8.45 is just too much. The worst of these are: 1) a simple track split causes the program to hang for about 3 or 4 seconds before you can play the sequence again. Not task breaking, but very annoying. 2) Transitions of any sort more complicated that a simple split (fade to black, cross fade, etc) take forever before you can play across them. I mean like 10 or 20 seconds! 3) The one I found just this morning, which is the real deal-breaker for me. Loading a track of about 80 minutes. It plays fine, then I try and zoom in on the track (with the mouse wheel), and it will no longer play. I get sound, but the preview picture is frozen. This may only occur for longer videos (this is the longest one I've loaded since I upgraded). Zoom back out, and it plays fine. And I left this track overnight to load, so it couldn't be a buffering thing. So yeah, those first two, while irritating, I could live with. The last one, not so much. I've reverted to 8.23 just now, and so far, NONE of those problems occur. 80 minute track plays fine zoomed in, transitions are seamless (even complex ones), and you can play across them almost immediately (even faster than you could with 3.85). So far anyway, I haven't found any bugs (course, I've only spent about an hour or two with it so far, maybe some will appear). I'm going to try and use the AVI export again and see if it is better than what I got with 8.45. Not trying to harp on the program, just passing on some data. And I greatly appreciate Borate's attempts to help me out with the AVI export. I absolutely loved 3.85, and I see lots of improvements with 8.23. But it seems like something is up with 8.45, maybe it's because I'm on an AMD chip rather than Intel? I dunno. Perhaps it's just a few of us (or just me). But I have work to get done, and I need a functional program, so I had to revert, I can't mess around with bugs, heh. I hope that helps. Ron
  13. PM sent. Not that this is particularly sensitive video, I just prefer it not go public until I publish it next week. Also: Yes, the MP4 works just fine, I will use it instead of the AVI. Ron
  14. Hey Borate, So the file size thing is sorted, I think. Thanks to your suggestion, I changed from default quality to medium quality, and that brought the file size back down to what I'm used to. Unfortunately it did not fix the syncing issue. However, I switched from AVI to MP4 export, and that seems to have fixed it.So what I'm doing now is encoding to MP4 with medium quality and see if that might be the sweet spot (it's going now, I'll find out in a bit). So it looks like I may have resolved enough for my purposes. However, if you want (for diagnostic purposes) to see the project file, I'm happy to upload it. The AVI export does seem to be entirely broken (at least for me anyway), so I don't know if you and the devs want to look at it, or just write it off to my inexperience, or what. Just let me know, I'll upload it if you want to take a look. Thanks for your help! Ron
  15. Okay, thanks Borate, will do. I will upload when I get home from work this afternoon.
  16. Thanks Borate, I will check on the file format and size options. There are no speed changes applied to my videos. As I forgot to list my new system's specs, here it is: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bwrzgJ
  17. Hey all, So I used VPP version 3.85 for years, and loved it. I recently built myself a new computer, and to go along with that I updated a lot of my software, including VPP to version 8.42 (these are registered versions, mind you, not the free ones). Well, there are things about this newer version which are really bugging me, but mostly I could live with it (transitions seem to be a much bigger pain than previously, but that's not my main issue). The major, and unforgivable, problem I am having is when I export the video. My videos are roughly an hour long each, and I export to .avi files (1920x1080 @ 30FPS). On my previous system with the old version of VPP, this worked just fine. However, on the new system with new VPP, the exported file's sound goes out of sync. By 20 minutes, it's off by a couple of seconds! I have exported two different videos now and both have this problem. Before you ask, it is perfectly synced within VPP itself throughout the entire video (I synch two sound tracks to the video track using the equivalent of a snap-board at the beginning of the recording process). This procedure is one I have used forever, and it's always worked well with the old version of the software, the exported videos are perfectly synched throughout. But with the new version, they go off sync upon export, despite being perfectly in sych inside the editor. Now, it's possible I'm doing something wrong, being new at this new version of the software. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. My new system is much much more powerful than the old one was, so I don't believe this is a computer issue. As a side note, I have also noticed that the exported file sizes are 2 to 4 times as large as they used to be (generally a one hour avi video would run anywhere between 2 - 4 GB with the old version of the software, it is now 8-10 GB with the new version (granted I have only two videos with the new version to compare it with). I don't know if that has anything to do with anything, but just something I noticed). If this can't be resolved, I'm going to need to revert back to the version I know works (I presume I can move it from my old system to my new one), but if possible, I'd like to use the new software, since I bought it. Thanks for any help you can suggest. And if there is any additional information I can provide that might help with diagnosis, just let me know. Ron
  18. Thanks borate, That's what's odd, the audio is perfectly clear, and you can see the waveforms in the clip preview pane. I don't know why they are coming into the tracks so compressed. It may be because there is quite a bit of difference between the sound average and sound max, which is fine. I could handle that if I could just change the scale a bit. Anyway, I do have those 5 black dots between the video and audio tracks. Sadly, grabbing and moving them does not change the height of the tracks, it just moves everything (audio and video tracks) up and down as a whole. Here's a shot. You can see I grabbed the black dots and pulled them down. Also see the clip preview at the top middle showing the waveform. Maybe I just need to upgrade...
  19. Hey all, I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I can't figure it out. Check out this pic... So, notice the audio tracks are essentially flat lines, I can barely see the waveforms at all. I can hear them just fine (nice and clear and loud), I just can't see them, which makes it hard to edit (not impossible, I can do it by sound, but having the visual would be a big help) Is there a way to adjust the audio track's heights? So that I get larger waveforms? I've looked for instructions on this but can't seem to find anything. Thanks for any advice! [edit: sorry, forgot to say, using VideoPad Professional version 3.85. If this is a feature only available in later versions, I'm very willing to buy an upgrade, just let me know!!]
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