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  1. One other thing and I should have asked this earlier. When you tested the files on Windows were you also able to check them on a Mac? If problems persist, I wonder if NCH could allow me to download a windows version as my wife uses Windows 10 on her laptop. I'll wait to hear back from them. Thank you so much for your efforts to resolve the matter; I appreciate it.
  2. Re-encode meaning that I export files as non lossless? It seems I can get refund within 30 days.
  3. How disappointing; I have been using the latest version. Downloaded again using your link but no joy with lossless exporting. Have reported bug as you suggested.
  4. They are black and white so unable to replicate the issue - could you explain what you mean please. Why is the fact that the clips are Mono an issue? Yes I am running a Mac. I understood that Video Pad works with Windows and Mac. If the videos cannot complete on a Mac it seems then that the software is of little use to me.
  5. Is there any further help you can provide please Borate? It seems my clips do meet the requirements you outlined as far as I can make out.
  6. Thank you Borate. I'm a little out of my depth here. My camera offers video recording format: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. / I import .Mov and export as .Mov The dimensions of both clips are 1920x1080 24fps / Both 21secs long and no visual effects. I have read this from NCH website • Auto Detect - This is the default setting. If the majority of your video does not need to be re-encoded, it will automatically be exported with the lossless setting. If the majority of your video needs to be re-encoded, lossless export will not be used. • Use Lossless Export - When this setting is selected, if your video meets the criteria for lossless editing below, lossless export will be used. Only portions of the video that need to be re-encoded will be re-encoded, the remainder will use lossless export. • Off (Re-encode Video) - When this setting is selected, your entire video file will be re-encoded. Lossless export will not be used. My version does not offer these options. Is there any further help you can provide please Borate? It seems my clips do meet the requirements you outlined as far as I can make out? Thank you for your support and I hope I am understanding things properly.
  7. Hello Everybody I recently purchased V8.68. I imported two video clips (.mov) each 20sec long. I saved the project and when I try to export as lossless video the following message shows up "A file in the sequence does not support lossless encoding. I have applied no transitions etc. Can the problem file be identified? I then tried to export it with just one of the 20 sec clips and it did so successfully. I'm totally confused. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  8. Yes all up and running Borate. Many thanks. Thomas
  9. It seems to be the same version that I downloaded earlier when I paid?
  10. Thank you both for your invaluable assistance. My camera records Full Hd 1920x1080 24fps or HD 1280x720 24fps.so by the sounds of thing I should be OK? I have edited a segment (using trial version)with the Full hd (about 22x 20sec clips) and was happy. But I will probably work with the 720. So I think I will go ahead and order. Stay safe everybody and thank you.
  11. Greetings from SE Ireland I record 20 sec clips in HD or full HD video on my camera. Files could be over 30 mb each. Is there a limit on the number of such clips the software will facilitate and will video pad be powerful enough support these large files and output result in HD quality. I'm a ignorant on these matters so I hope I have articulated my question adequately. I just want to make simple videos without fancy effects or transitions. Thank you for any support you can offer me. Stay well and safe.
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