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  1. Tried clearing cache no help. Reverted to 8.23 everything is good. Faster loading, Clicking on Clip View tab and Sequence tab is almost instantaneous. Updated versions were slow, had to wait long stretches of time. After awhile it would start sending not responding to task manager. Thanks for your help. -0-0- Not really resolved. Rolling back to a previous version means I may be missing out on fixes. It just means that I am avoiding the changes that broke mine. I would like too have all the fixes that improves the program.
  2. Ever since I updated to 8.3, now on 8.45 it eventually starts behaving erratically when trying to mark and move clips to the sequence. It will flash the X to close in the upper corner to red. Task Manager shows it cycling to Not Responding. Is there a way to revert back before 8.3 to where I had a stable working copy that was excellent? The last two updates make for an UNWORKABLE program.
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