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  1. Avi export for video pad free still isn’t working for me
  2. No it has not. No clue why it says it’s resolved
  3. Has there been any progress on figuring out why AVI stopped working?
  4. YouTube has a problem with uploading mp4. Their best recommendation is to upload AVI
  5. I am using their uploader. I save as mp4 264 and upload to YouTube and it doesn’t ever upload. Gets stuck on 0% for hours or reaches 100% then drops to 0% and never uploads.
  6. No. YouTube wont let me upload as 264 so I tried saving as the other mp4 type like you said but video pad won’t let me
  7. Basically it’s a screen shot saying I have to pay if I want to upload as mp4
  8. where can I find what codec a already existing mp4 is? file:///C:/Users/kylea/Desktop/Untitled2.png
  9. thankyou for the help. Though if possible I hope we can find a fix because I am in no place to afford a license and I dont want the problem to come back with no solution it will download as mp4 without desync but you cannot upload mp4 to youtube. Do you have recomendations for how to get the video as a un screwed up avi?
  10. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1467QfuZYvHkXRL35lub4MHAyCl7GcxDS?usp=sharing
  11. I cannot. I use video pad free as I am not in a place to afford editing software. From what I have found AVI is the only format I can export in
  12. The Footage used in the video is at 50 frames per second. Could that be part of the issue is there a way to lower the speed of blank frames and images to where it won’t screw up the audio
  13. I have edited a few videos and upon review all three of them have an issue where at the start of the video audio plays half a second too early but by the end its almost 2-3 seconds until you see what you hear. The raw footage the videos were edited from has no problems. The videopad file versions of the same edited videos have no problems, but the .avi versions of the projects have the distracting sync issues that only get worse as the video goes on. Video pad says its in the latest version and I want to know how to fix this issue instead of just sending the files off for someone else to fix it
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