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  1. Thank you, Nat, for replying! It's wonderful when somebody 'actually' replies. LOL. I like to make my own movies so that I can share them with my brother and my friend, both of whom live out-of-state. So, I email them. Although AVI is the native format of FRAPS and has the best quality (which I use often to capture video), it's also humungous in file size, and unsuitable for emailing! Therefore, I generally output the movie in either .mpg or .wmv. But, since VideoPad doesn't output to .wmv without horrible pixelation, I've been using .mpg (NTSC) output. Both the VideoLAN Player and Windows
  2. I guess you may have to wait another 5 years or more to get a definitive answer. Unless you have a fat wallet, NCH doesn't support their products very well, or at all. The one thing they are good at doing is claiming to fix bugs in their products (which shouldn't have been there anyway, if they had a decent product manager who tested before releasing), then announcing a PROGRAM UPDATED VERSION (of it) which, once again, claims to have fixed the bugs. Of course, that so-called "new update" has to be paid for (every three months!!!!!!!!!!!!) as though it's some kind of an PRIMARY VERSION UPGRADE
  3. Hi. I know how frustrating it is to try to use and/or configure Windows 7. It's not a good OS, in my opinion. I suffered with the same issue as you, until someone suggested the following: "Try UNCHECKING the option to "Run as Administrator". Right-click on the shortcut, look at Properties and look for the "Run as Administrator" option. Remove the checkmark. (Note: you may have to do that in several places, for instance: your 'shortcut' to the program, on the program's .exe file itself, etc.). It did, and I am no longer subjected to M$'s rediculous and redundant UAC pop-up! M$ could and
  4. I thought the original poster was very specific in the explanation of the problem, and desired solution. I fail to understand how Nat didn't understand it. The original poster of the topic DOES NOT WANT VIDEO PAD TO ADD A BLACK CLIP to the end of the sequence, or else an explanation on how to get rid of the one that VP adds! This isn't film that we are dealing with; we don't have to worry about reels on a projector. Nat asked "How do want the clip to finish when it is shown?". Well, from my understanding, he wants his video to end at its own end -- without an additional black clip being ad
  5. How do I FIND the option to change the position of subtitles? I don't see that option available; where is it? Since VideoPad does not make it easy to create and insert titles, I created a 'black' clip, then had to leave it to go click on its name (after finding it in the list of 'added media' files). From there, I typed some words, but they all appear at the very bottom of the screen, with no obvious way to relocate them. Very frustrating. It was extremely easy to do in Windows Movie Maker, but now I have Windows 7, and M$ was too lame to even add it! That's why I'm hoping to find a workab
  6. I wish I could help you, but I'm having an almost identical issue myself! I posted a topic about my issue just now... then, I noticed yours. I wish us both good luck! These kinds of problems shouldn't happen. The .wmv file I created as a test, was so pixelated, that it was worthless.I tried other types of output methods, but .wmv was the only one that actually produced a movie, even though a pitiful, and unusable one. The other day, I made a .mp4 movie, and it worked! Today, I can't make anything.... and I haven't changed my computer system at all. Something seems to be wrong with the VideoPad
  7. Before I spend the money to buy this product, I'm testing it with the trial version 2.41. But, I've found numerous reasons to not buy it, so far. Today, I created a new project for testing. I added about a dozen or so .jpg images onto the sequence bar, a clip with text at the beginning (as an opening Title screen and another one at the end of the clips), and then added a background .mp3 file for music. It plays within the Video Pad Editor the way I want. But, after saving it as a "Movie," the resultant movies themselves do not show any clips after the very 1st clip (the Title screen clip).
  8. I guess it's only appropriate that I write this now, especially after I ranted so much, earlier. At least, I got to "blow-off some steam, due to my frustration). I wrote to NCH Tech Support about a few problems I was having with my WavePad Master's Edition. The very next day, a person named Rommel responded to me with exactly the kind of support I hoped for, and needed! He did a great job. My program is now running perfectly again. So, not everything is always as bad as I sometimes feel it is. However, I still wish some of my former complaints about NCH's "policies" would change. I be
  9. I guess it's only appropriate that I write this now, especially after I ranted so much, earlier. At least, I got to "blow-off some steam, due to my frustration). I wrote to NCH Tech Support about a few problems I was having with my WavePad Master's Edition. The very next day, a person named Rommel responded to me with exactly the kind of support I hoped for, and needed! He did a great job. My program is now running perfectly again. So, not everything is always as bad as I sometimes feel it is. However, I still wish some of my former complaints about NCH's "policies" would change. I be
  10. NOTE: I had to edit my previous post (above) to make it more clear, and to fix some mistakes in it.
  11. I replaced this post with the info in my following reply. ALSO, I CANNOT CHANGE THE TOPIC TITLE. IT SHOULD NOT SAY "...v4.03"!
  12. Over the years, I've written to NCH requesting that they begin doing like other software vendors do; and that is to have the web master add the current version numbers of each and every product they sell. It fell on deaf ears. I'm almost certain they hide such valuable information purposely. That way, customers never have any confidence in what they are downloading. Actually, I think NCH stupidly names every one of the fixes and/or programs as "install.exe"!! If you download that, and then try to find it on your hard disk drive -- God forbid! Until it's actually begun running (and has alr
  13. I'm glad I took the time to scroll through 4 or 5 pages on this forum BEFORE attempting to install the so-called "fix" for WavePad. I own WavePad and am a registered user of it. There should be no reason in Hell for me, or anyone, to have to buy the program again, just because NCH fixed their own problems in their own software! Those "fixes" should be included automatically for the program which was purchased. Actually, each program being sold, should have already been tested completely BEFORE offering it for sale to the public! Their "fix updates" is just a gimmick, if what you say is
  14. Your last sentence couldn't have said it any better! Most companies that charge for their products have forums where trained, knowledgeable staff provide users with timely answers to questions/problems. Not this one! I know NCH says that this is a "user-helping-user" forum, but if we users never get replies, then what good is it. Heh heh. After paying for the product(s), I suppose they want more money to pay for support? I like some of the products I have purchased. But, I'm really dismayed that NCH does NOT update the programs quickly enough. Instead, they work on "Upgrade Versions" s
  15. I hope you get answers to your question! I am trying to help a musician friend of mine record his playing and singing. I'm especially interested in hearing from other users just exactly what kind of hardware they use to capture the analog sounds, and then convert them into digital sounds (so that I can use my WavePad and MixPad (multitrack editor) software to edit them). For instance, portable recorders, microphones, etc.. Make and models would be helpful. From my experience, most NCH customers write pleas for help here, but YEARS go by without anyone answering. It's extremely rare
  16. I looked at his video link. But, YouTube/Google require me to sign my life away (by registering) merely to contact him. I don't trust Google.
  17. Thanks for the tip. Because I am using the Trial version of Prism, it limits me to avi, asf, only. It doesn't allow mpg, etc. One would think that a Trial version would allow "trying" all of its formats before buying! Who knows, maybe one of the other formats would work for me? But, I'm not going to pay for a program that so far won't do what it was advertised to do (with the .wmv conversion).
  18. So much for a company that wants to promote its product! NCH has "dropped the ball" again with its support base! Are they total idiots in thinking that we don't have alternatives? Who runs that org? It must be a real fool who spends time looking in the mirror, stroking his eyebrows, and whispering words of love to himself! He certainly hasn't helped ANYONE HERE ON THESE FORUMS WITH NCH PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!! F)(&(&(*&KKKK!
  19. Dear Blob, I've said it before and I'll say it again... "Thank you very much!" You gave me very good ideas. I suppose the best idea for me now is to look for something other than Prism. I'm not about to spend money on a product that has no real support. I understand this is a "user's forum," but any company that cared about its customers would frequent this board continually. Who knows? Had they done that, my issue may have been solved by now and I would have gladly purchased Prism! Take care, Larry
  20. I certainly appreciate that you've gone out of your way to help me! My brain is reeling because I've just spent the last 6 hours experimenting via trial-and-error with everything I can. Note: I wrote to Fraps support in addition to support here. They told me about using the Windows Media Profile Editor and gave me their recommended settings to convert their .avi files for use in MS Movie Maker. That didn't work for me either! I downloaded the Windows Media Profile Editor program and used it. It doesn't work properly for me. After creating a new profile with the proper parameters (I
  21. JUST A FOOTNOTE FOR YOU: If you want to take a few minutes to see what FRAPS is, here's the link: http://www.fraps.com/
  22. I suppose you didn't download the .avi file, since you didn't convert it. You wrote something that is way beyond my knowledge! I've never encountered an easy-to-understand explanation about the following. It appears highly technical to me. I had hoped that Prism would "simplify" my life with default settings that worked for file conversions. What is this? "Encoder Options button : W. M. V. 9, 8192, W. M. A. 9.2, 256kbps 44kHz stereo CBR" Am I supposed to change my settings to match the above, or is the above what my default settings are "right out of the box?" I'm confused sinc
  23. Yes. I have to use FRAPS only because it's the only software I've found that will capture video for FREE. I'm sure there must be other software, but I'm on a very restricted budget. heh heh. Yes. I do use Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos. I know how to use it very well, and the .wmv filetype seems to be universal, in that most PC users have Windows Media Player. I'm a real novice. I don't really know what software my brother and friends use, so I'm trying to keep things simple. By the way, what is "AVCHD?"
  24. Thanks for replying! I'm not sure if you want to do this, or not. I have uploaded an .avi file to RapidShare. It's the raw data that plays perfectly in both VLC player (version: 1.0.2) and Windows Media Player (version: 11.0.5721.5268). The file is one of the smallest I had saved, but it's still HUGE! It took me 1/2 hour to upload via my DSL. It's approx. 131MB's. I had assumed most readers of this forum would already have .avi files on their local system to use to experiment with Prism conversion to .wmv. Here's the link to the uploaded file on RapidShare Download link: http:/
  25. I am having the exact same problem with Prism. It does not convert .avi to .wmv and look anything like the original .avi file does when played back. A .wmv file should play properly in Window Media Player, since that's what it's designed to do. Therefore, something is wrong with Prism's conversion process. At least, that's my guess! It makes me wonder why NCH doesn't address this very important issue. They advertise Prism as a converter to .wmv, but they don't tell anyone how to do it so that the result is worth watching. My original .avi file plays beautifully with my VLC player. But, whe
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