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  1. I have been using ED 4.12 for years and in the recent period have had issues with it on windows 7. Now every time I start it I get a message from windows: Do you want the following program to make changes to this computer? That dialog is referring to express.exe. I have a colleague who also uses 4.12 with windows 7, but he does not have this issue. It may be that he has UAC completely turned off, but I am not sure. If a 5.x version of ED would solve this I'd upgrade, but I'm not sure that it would. I have tried altering the windows 7 compatibility so that it's running for xp sp3, and tried with and without admin rights and it does not help.
  2. Some versions of ED (like 4.12) have a new behavior that is making problems for us. We use the ED api to have ED create a new dct file. We have been providing names like "rick smith.dct". We have the Send/File file name option set to simply %filename%. The file is being renamed to "rick smithdct.dct" when it's sent. But the file is listed as "rick smith.dct" in the recover files list. If we provide a file name of "rick smith" then ED changes it to "rick smith.dct". How can we tell ED to stop changing the file name? This is a bug, a fairly new one I think. It used to leave "rick smith.dct" alone. "rick smithdct.dct" is absurd, of course.
  3. I see...thanks for your input on this. I wonder if the improved usb support that windows 2008 is supposed to have would make a difference? I may set up a test server to experiment with this.
  4. I'm just starting to look into whether express scribe might work in a terminal services environment. You're the only person that I've found a posting from here that reports that it does work. Are you using footpedals? That seems to be the problem for some.
  5. Some new users are apparently failing to hit the record button and then send out dictations of zero seconds. This is making a lot of people unhappy and there is talk of dumping ED and finding some other product to work with. I've searched for setting that might warn the user if they're sending a blank dictation but there doesn't seem to be anything like that. It's an odd omission because Express Scribe automatically deletes dictations of 0 duration.
  6. I just checked and it seems that I might be able to tap the data in the txt and dat files to determine which of the original dct files have been loaded by ES. Thanks for the clue.
  7. I need to handle this programmatically so that menu item is not a realistic option. But anyways I'm not talking about 'Done' files; rather files that have been loaded into the ES list. ES renames, changes to wav, and moves the original dct file. It would be great if there was some way to tie in the job number with the original dct file...I'm not sure how I could derive that programmatically? What I'm really after is the ability to know if ES has the correct dct file selected in the list. Via the api I can instruct ES to select a file c:\inbox\mydict.dct in the list, but if that file is not in the list, ES has no way to inform me programmatically. If the dct file was still around, or I knew which wav was derivied from the dct, I could test to make sure the file had arrived and thus ought to be in the ES list.
  8. When ES loads a dct file it either moves it to another location or deletes it. I need to keep the file around for longer than that, is there any way to have the delete operation take place later, maybe at "Done"? Otherwise, it'd be ok if I knew where the file was moved to so I could ref it there. In this thread http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?show...art=#entry14922 there is mention of a location that ES is supposed to move the files to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe\Current\ However for me a least with the current ES nothing is moved there. The dct files how do seem to be converted to wav files, moved, and renamed to my own profile's location parallel to the one mentioned in the thread. It'd be hard/impossible to guess at the renamed files name so this seems like non-solution. How else can I get at the file after loading? I'm using the rather sparse command line interface that ES offers. An alternate way to solve the issue I face would be to be able to tell if ES has a dct file loaded, or not. I don't see a way to find that out with the current commands available?
  9. I'm loading dct files into ES via the command line interface. I have the ES automatic load feature turned off. For some reason, when loaded via command line, the dct files are not 'absorbed' into ES; they remain on disk. Even when the user clicks "Done" in ES, the dct file remains on disk. Is this a bug in the ES 'api'? I can't see any reason that the command line load command would imply that the dct file is not pulled into ES and removed from disk.
  10. From http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/sdk.html -dispatchfile "[OriginalFilePath]" Dispatch the file that was loaded from the orginal path -selectfile "[OriginalFilePath]" Dispatch the file that was loaded from the orginal path "[LoadFilePath]" Loads the specified file. You must specify the full path of the file. You should enclose the path in inverted commas. The first one is right. The second one has in incorrect comment. The third in the list, I guess I just figured it out. To load a file, there is no 'switch', just use the path. I'd been doing that but didn't recognize it in the documentation. So really there seems to be just the one really simple mistake. It was very cool to discover that ES had an api. I'm curious, why does ES have a command line interface, where ED has a 'real' api?
  11. I wrote to NCH support about this but there has been no response yet. I and some other associates use ED 4.04. There are some issues we're experiencing which may be bugs in ED that have been worked out in later versions. I would like to experiment with the current ED to see if it's less problematic. However when I installed the ED download from this site, it immediately reports that the trial period has expired. If the newer ED version has the same issue as the version we now use (4.04) we won't upgrade. But I don't am not going to upgrade just to make the experiment. I don't know if the trial failure is by design or just a mistake in NCH's installer routines. Can someone clarify?
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