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  1. I am trying to find a way to have Express Invoice pull items from Express Inventory. Anyone figure this out? Thanks
  2. On the description for Express Inventory it states the following.... " When installed with Express Invoice you can create purchase orders to be sent directly to a vendor. " There is already an inventory portion in Express Invoice. Is this the same as Express Inventory? How does one get Express Invoice to pull items from Express Inventory?
  3. Go into Options and select the Tax tab. All the changes you need to make are there. For Canada, choose Dual 2 Rate as your Sales Tax System and then enter GST in the first Tax Name box followed by 5 in the Tax Rate and so on......
  4. Your software is very well written. Have you thought about creating a Helpdesk application? What I have in mind would include an administrator who would manage the application, the ability to include technicians who could receive their tickets, update them and then add billing details, etc., all capable of being accessed over the web, of course. As well, a client portal where the client can login via the web and view or submit their requests.
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