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  1. Here's an example provided in Vista and probably all recent Windows... C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos\Bear If I load that as a clip, press green down arrow to put it on the track, hit the 'go to end' on the right hand play track window it goes to the end and it's black. If I frame back before the black and split that off and remove it then what remains is shorter but still has black on the end. I can repeat that seemingly endlessly. It's not just on the track - it gets saved with the movie. Nobody else see that? Is it something to do with a default transition being added automatically at the end? But I can't detect any transition.
  2. Sorry for delay - I was relying on an email alert. I thought subscribing to replies was auto. I just had one of the few clips that was OK so I looked at it and it was 25fps and it exactly ended on .5 so I'm now thinking maybe it's because Videopad has to include a time track ending being exactly divisible by 1/10th of a second. So say a clip ended on 0.12 maybe VP had to stretch that to 0.2 by adding black. I don't do a lot of video editing but I'll try to keep a look out over the next few weeks to see if I can verify this. However, on second thoughts, surely if I split the end off then what remains would be rounded to 1/10ths? mmm... that ruins my theory. Unless... unless it the split off part is rounded leaving. What I'm trying to say if say the whole split off part is rounded to say a 0.5 length and discarded it but if that is removed from a main clip length of 5.07 then it still leaves 5.02 which it then rounds up to 5.1 by adding black. Wild guesswork here by a non-expert as you can tell. I'll try to find time to experiment some more but I'm out of time today.
  3. New to video editing. I'm noticing that VideoPad adds black space at the end of most movies, eg, load single clip, green button down, go to end of clip no black, go to end of movie track and there is a fraction of a second black space. This ruins looping in game vids etc. It cannot be split off and deleted because VideoPad just adds it again. I'm hopeful there is a way to remove this because with some movies it is not present.
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