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  1. Thank you, Nat, for replying! It's wonderful when somebody 'actually' replies. LOL. I like to make my own movies so that I can share them with my brother and my friend, both of whom live out-of-state. So, I email them. Although AVI is the native format of FRAPS and has the best quality (which I use often to capture video), it's also humungous in file size, and unsuitable for emailing! Therefore, I generally output the movie in either .mpg or .wmv. But, since VideoPad doesn't output to .wmv without horrible pixelation, I've been using .mpg (NTSC) output. Both the VideoLAN Player and Windows Media Player seem to do a fairly decent job of displaying the movies on my computer. I have no idea what my brother and friend see on their systems. I think they both use only WMPlayer. I have a question about your comment where you said: "I use H246 (native) as the video compressor, so select this." Does that also apply to .mpg, format, or just .avi? Anyway, I found a solution to the problem I had with the finished-movie sequence showing only the first clip. I was so surprised and happy that somebody named "Jan" from NCH actually replied to my email request for help with a suggestion. I was told to reinstall the program after I had made a backup copy of it to another location. That solution worked. I can now see the "arrows" dialog to postion where the subtitles appear, etc. The arrows dialog wasn't even showing on my interface before that. Today I found out a few other things that really disappointed me. One of them is that I can't seem to be able to set Transistion timings to apply to every clip in the sequence. It looks like users are forced into doing them one at a time, requiring several mouse-clicks on each one! With more than 20 .jpg clips, that's way too much wasted time, and a royal pain! Unless I'm missing something and doing it wrong, it seems like an absurd method, to me. heh heh. Thanks again for your helpful suggestions. Much appreciated!
  2. I guess you may have to wait another 5 years or more to get a definitive answer. Unless you have a fat wallet, NCH doesn't support their products very well, or at all. The one thing they are good at doing is claiming to fix bugs in their products (which shouldn't have been there anyway, if they had a decent product manager who tested before releasing), then announcing a PROGRAM UPDATED VERSION (of it) which, once again, claims to have fixed the bugs. Of course, that so-called "new update" has to be paid for (every three months!!!!!!!!!!!!) as though it's some kind of an PRIMARY VERSION UPGRADE -- WHICH IT ISN'T..... it's merely a patch to fix their own poor programming bugs! They want users to pay for fixing the bugs which they incorporated and released to the public. It's a gimmick, in my opinion. NCH offers 1 million different kinds of programs, but not one of them (from what I've read or experienced personally) has been tested fully 'in-house' before they release it for sale to the public. It seems to me that every product they sell is always a bug-filled beta version. They get the money first, but users cannot get a decent program without having to pay a premium price for support (on top of the cost of the faulty programming). I've purchased several programs from NCH, and as much as I like the programs, I think NCH has need of much improvement in areas like: * actually trying to use the products themselves before releasing them * fixing the bugs in-house before releasing the product * hire a web master who knows how to ADD THE CURRENT VERSION of each downloadable program to its FILENAME!! -- Calling the download file "install.exe" is lame and lazy! Even dates are -not- applied to the filename! * Hire fully-experienced and trained employees to monitor and respond to users questions on the forums QUICKLY and WITH WORKABLE SOLUTIONS to user's problems. It's the least they could do, since there is no adequate FAQ or up-to-date, fully-written HELP file within the individual programs. * NCH might wake up and realize they have a great potential to make a fortune, if they'd only produce and release better quality programs with support, instead of half-assed products and no meaningful support. I'm upset only because I like the 'concept' of some of their software, but everything from NCH is so difficult (like a 4-step registering process), a mere "3-month" time period to receive free bug-fixes (which were their own bugs!), etc. I won't stop buying NCH products, but I cringe every time I think about doing it, because of what I've seen happening to other users (via their countless unanswered forum posts), and my own experiences. I actually did have ONE support person ("Emma") help me with great support and with a positive attitude, but there's only a slim chance in hell that I'd ever get her to answer me again. Too bad.
  3. Hi. I know how frustrating it is to try to use and/or configure Windows 7. It's not a good OS, in my opinion. I suffered with the same issue as you, until someone suggested the following: "Try UNCHECKING the option to "Run as Administrator". Right-click on the shortcut, look at Properties and look for the "Run as Administrator" option. Remove the checkmark. (Note: you may have to do that in several places, for instance: your 'shortcut' to the program, on the program's .exe file itself, etc.). It did, and I am no longer subjected to M$'s rediculous and redundant UAC pop-up! M$ could and should have made it an easy option to deal with, for programs that we use constantly like IE, etc. -- The OS is stripped-down to a point of bare functionality. We just have to deal with it.I wish you luck!
  4. I thought the original poster was very specific in the explanation of the problem, and desired solution. I fail to understand how Nat didn't understand it. The original poster of the topic DOES NOT WANT VIDEO PAD TO ADD A BLACK CLIP to the end of the sequence, or else an explanation on how to get rid of the one that VP adds! This isn't film that we are dealing with; we don't have to worry about reels on a projector. Nat asked "How do want the clip to finish when it is shown?". Well, from my understanding, he wants his video to end at its own end -- without an additional black clip being added to it. Seems simple enough to me, but he never got an answer here. I was interested, too.
  5. How do I FIND the option to change the position of subtitles? I don't see that option available; where is it? Since VideoPad does not make it easy to create and insert titles, I created a 'black' clip, then had to leave it to go click on its name (after finding it in the list of 'added media' files). From there, I typed some words, but they all appear at the very bottom of the screen, with no obvious way to relocate them. Very frustrating. It was extremely easy to do in Windows Movie Maker, but now I have Windows 7, and M$ was too lame to even add it! That's why I'm hoping to find a workable Video Editing program. If I'm not using the correct method to create these separate 'text screens,' will you please tell me how you do it?The program has NO extended help info, at all! EDITED: Actually, I don't really want to create an actual subtitle; I want to create a single 'clip' to which I can add and edit text, and maybe even effects on that clip.
  6. I wish I could help you, but I'm having an almost identical issue myself! I posted a topic about my issue just now... then, I noticed yours. I wish us both good luck! These kinds of problems shouldn't happen. The .wmv file I created as a test, was so pixelated, that it was worthless.I tried other types of output methods, but .wmv was the only one that actually produced a movie, even though a pitiful, and unusable one. The other day, I made a .mp4 movie, and it worked! Today, I can't make anything.... and I haven't changed my computer system at all. Something seems to be wrong with the VideoPad program.
  7. Before I spend the money to buy this product, I'm testing it with the trial version 2.41. But, I've found numerous reasons to not buy it, so far. Today, I created a new project for testing. I added about a dozen or so .jpg images onto the sequence bar, a clip with text at the beginning (as an opening Title screen and another one at the end of the clips), and then added a background .mp3 file for music. It plays within the Video Pad Editor the way I want. But, after saving it as a "Movie," the resultant movies themselves do not show any clips after the very 1st clip (the Title screen clip). The music continues to play, but I never see the other clips! I've tried saving it in various output formats, but they all fail to work. Does anybody know why this product isn't working? Or, can you suggest which output format I should use in order to have the movie saved to my HDD as a file I can run locally on my system? The .jpg files were captured at 1920 x 1080, although 1/2 that size would be okay in the final output movie.... if I can ever get the movie to work!
  8. I guess it's only appropriate that I write this now, especially after I ranted so much, earlier. At least, I got to "blow-off some steam, due to my frustration). I wrote to NCH Tech Support about a few problems I was having with my WavePad Master's Edition. The very next day, a person named Rommel responded to me with exactly the kind of support I hoped for, and needed! He did a great job. My program is now running perfectly again. So, not everything is always as bad as I sometimes feel it is. However, I still wish some of my former complaints about NCH's "policies" would change. I believe it hurts customers and the company's reputation. But, today I'm feeling quite happy, after the great support I got from Rommel. Note: I posted this same message in other topics, as well.
  9. I guess it's only appropriate that I write this now, especially after I ranted so much, earlier. At least, I got to "blow-off some steam, due to my frustration). I wrote to NCH Tech Support about a few problems I was having with my WavePad Master's Edition. The very next day, a person named Rommel responded to me with exactly the kind of support I hoped for, and needed! He did a great job. My program is now running perfectly again. So, not everything is always as bad as I sometimes feel it is. However, I still wish some of my former complaints about NCH's "policies" would change. I believe it hurts customers and the company's reputation. But, today I'm feeling quite happy, after the great support I got from Rommel.
  10. NOTE: I had to edit my previous post (above) to make it more clear, and to fix some mistakes in it.
  11. I replaced this post with the info in my following reply. ALSO, I CANNOT CHANGE THE TOPIC TITLE. IT SHOULD NOT SAY "...v4.03"!
  12. Over the years, I've written to NCH requesting that they begin doing like other software vendors do; and that is to have the web master add the current version numbers of each and every product they sell. It fell on deaf ears. I'm almost certain they hide such valuable information purposely. That way, customers never have any confidence in what they are downloading. Actually, I think NCH stupidly names every one of the fixes and/or programs as "install.exe"!! If you download that, and then try to find it on your hard disk drive -- God forbid! Until it's actually begun running (and has already corrupted some program installed on your system), you have no idea what it's actually installing!!!! That is just plain laziness on their part that they refuse to name files and also include the version number (within the filename itself). Everybody else in the civilized world identifies their patches, updates, etc. with specific information, including the file date. At least, most of them do. But, NCH? They ignore requests from users. Right now, I have a problem with my NCH "WavePad Sound Editor". It's over 3 months old, therefore NCH expects me to buy it again! WTF? I have software I paid once for years ago, and I still get free updates, including program updates and wonderful, personal, email support almost instantly from them! The products I'm referring to require much more programming skill than WavePad, MultiTrack Editor, etc.!!! I'm scared to death to try to uninstall my current WavePad version. I do have the original download "install.exe" of it (which I renamed so that I would know what it was). But, due to NCH's paranoid and convoluted 2-stage registration process, I'm afraid that my original "keys" would not be recognized -- even though it's software that I paid for and resides upon my own computer! I'm really frustrated.
  13. I'm glad I took the time to scroll through 4 or 5 pages on this forum BEFORE attempting to install the so-called "fix" for WavePad. I own WavePad and am a registered user of it. There should be no reason in Hell for me, or anyone, to have to buy the program again, just because NCH fixed their own problems in their own software! Those "fixes" should be included automatically for the program which was purchased. Actually, each program being sold, should have already been tested completely BEFORE offering it for sale to the public! Their "fix updates" is just a gimmick, if what you say is true.
  14. Your last sentence couldn't have said it any better! Most companies that charge for their products have forums where trained, knowledgeable staff provide users with timely answers to questions/problems. Not this one! I know NCH says that this is a "user-helping-user" forum, but if we users never get replies, then what good is it. Heh heh. After paying for the product(s), I suppose they want more money to pay for support? I like some of the products I have purchased. But, I'm really dismayed that NCH does NOT update the programs quickly enough. Instead, they work on "Upgrade Versions" so that they can then charge customers again!
  15. I hope you get answers to your question! I am trying to help a musician friend of mine record his playing and singing. I'm especially interested in hearing from other users just exactly what kind of hardware they use to capture the analog sounds, and then convert them into digital sounds (so that I can use my WavePad and MixPad (multitrack editor) software to edit them). For instance, portable recorders, microphones, etc.. Make and models would be helpful. From my experience, most NCH customers write pleas for help here, but YEARS go by without anyone answering. It's extremely rare that an NCH employee answers. Let's hope for the best.
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