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Video cache doesn't update...

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I just discovered a problem using V6.24 and V6.28 beta of videopad concerning the video cache of the sequence preview (export works well).

Example: Drag any mp4 video clip A to video track 1 of the timeline. Now drag another mp4 video clip B to video track 2 of the timeline, "on top" of video A (video B must be shorter than video A). Preview the video - everything is ok. Now click at the end marker of video B and drag it to the left, make it a little bit shorter. Start the preview again - it's exactly the same as before, the cache probably doesn't update and therefore still shows the whole clip B.

Note: If you change the preview frame rate in the options or if you move video B from video track 2 to video track 3, the cache seems to update. After that, the preview is correct.


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That seems to be the case also in 6.24.....:(   However Clip B (on track2)  does show the trim  in clip preview. Moving the end marker to a new position doesn't help either although in clip preview the clip stops correctly. In sequence preview it continues to play to the end.

Does seem like a bug.

In 6.28 if you add clip B to the overlay timeline using the right click menu options and then use the IN/OUT markers to truncate the clip it seems to work OK.  Previously I dragged clip B to the overlay track and dragged the end of the clip back manually, so perhaps that is where the problem lies.

Just checked this again and found that if the B clip is shorter than the A clip the error occurs but if the B clip is longer than the A clip it seems to work......


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