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  1. It's just a guess, but maybe it helps to delete the cache. Start videopad, do NOT load anything (or press CTRL + N = New project). Then go to Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Disk. Click the the button "Clear Unused Cache Files". When videopad has cleared the cache, load your project/videos. If it doesn't work: Maybe it is just one if the video clips, that leads to the problem. Try to pinpoint it, load one video after another. Maybe one of your clips is broken?
  2. No problem - just download your old version here: http://oldversiondownload.com/
  3. You are right, it seemed to work well. But then I noticed that only one audio track (if there were more than one) was exported for some sequences. It happended several times with different projects, so I don't think it was coincidence. Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the problem more detailed yet.
  4. @Uberprutser: In my opinion there is a bug in the function "Menu -> File -> Export all sequences...". So try to use "Menu -> Sequence -> Export video" (= CTRL + B ) or click the "Export Video" icon in the tab "Home". If you do so, only the current sequence in the timeline will be exported. However, it will export all tracks.
  5. I guess I had the same problem with version 8.91. It happened when I tried to use the function "File" -> "Export all sequences". The solution was to export each sequence, one after another. Then all tracks were included.
  6. Ja... gehe zunächst in die Timeline. Der Track 1 dort ist im Video ganz "hinten", Track 2 (also in der Timeline oben drüber) wird im Video über den Track 1 geblendet, Track 3 (in der Timeline noch weiter oben) ist im Video vor beiden anderen Tracks zu sehen, usw. Ich hoffe, das hilft dir etwas 🙂
  7. It might be a setting in the windows registry. Try changing the following value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software There you can find the key "SVAR". Check for the term "VIDEOPADRippleMoveoff" - and if you find it, change it to "VIDEOPADRippleMoveon" This setting helped me when I had the same problem.
  8. This has been discussed some days ago, have a look at this topic: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/31905-snapping-split-bar-features-or-not At the end of the topic, I posted a link to a little patch I wrote, because I also don't like this popup. Maybe it can help you.
  9. Hi Takis, I also don't like this little pop-up window and so I wrote a program that can patch your videopad.exe . You can download it here: http://dangerfreak.bplaced.net/temp/BlockScissorsPopupVP.zip It's NOT a virus or anything harmful, and it does NOT destroy your videopad installation. It just creates a patched copy of videopad to your desktop. However, there's absolutely no warranty, that this patch is working for you (for me it works perfectly, tested with beta versions 8.58 - 8.62!). And even though I did the best I can, I'm not liable for any defects that occur after usin
  10. Yesterday I had the same problem with version 8.34 (beta). First I thought it might be a good idea to clear the cache ( -> start Videopad & do NOT load any project -> go to options -> disk -> Clear Unused Cache Files), but it didn't help. However, maybe it helps for you? I think it's worth a try. Later I realized that I probably moved or renamed some files and so the project file (.vpj) didn't work correctly anymore. Though I could load the project without any errors, it always got stuck in "processing sound files". So I loaded the .vpj file into an editor and checked all
  11. I agree to you - insert mode should always be on. And I also agree to you, that it has something to do with the version you install. However, I found a solution, no matter which version you have installed. It's our "old friend" in the registry called "SVAR". The term "VIDEOPADRippleMoveon" turns on insert mode - if it is "VIDEOPADRippleMoveoff", overwrite is on. SVAR can be found here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software\SVAR
  12. I'm not sure whether I found a bug or I'm doing something wrong, but there's a problem inserting clips (Videopad Windows version 8.23 beta and previous versions): 1. Load 3 MP4 clips (or more, doesn't matter) into the video clip bin 2. After that, select 2 clips in the video bin and drag them into the timeline 3. Now drag clip 3 into the timeline, between clip 1 and clip 2, but don't drop it yet 4. While pressing the left mouse button, some kind of "grey shadow" appears over clip 2. Note that the shadow changes its size, if you move the mouse arrow to the right and to the left. Righ
  13. @takis: Same here - and even more: If a project is loaded and I try to quit videopad, it needs some minutes to close (it doesn't depend on playing the preview). (Version 8.01)
  14. At least AVI worked for you, that's a step forward. Skipping (using Windows media player) is quite slow for me, too. However, I didn't have any problems uploading AVIs to YouTube yet, they re-render the video anyway, so watching it there works perfectly. @borate: Is it possible, that there is a glitch in the aac audio encoder or the way, Videopad treats it? After all the audio problems I faced myself and I heard of, this seems to be very likely. Why should it work with AVI otherwise?
  15. @ASMR: I also have similar (and other) audio problems with Videopad from time to time. I don't why it happens, but it only happens if I export my video in MP4 format. Using AVI works perfectly - so I have a workaround at least. Maybe you can try that, I'm really curious, if it works for you, too.
  16. @sandman88: I'm using videopad for more than 7 years and from time to time (rare!) I also have this problem. Usually the reason is some fx I added to the clips (or speed change). To find out what it is, I recommend you to split your video into several small sequences (just copy & paste the clips to new sequences). After that, export one sequence after another (menu -> file -> export all sequences) to see, what causes the crash - in your case you already know, the problem must be at the beginning (~2,5%) of your video. When you have pinpointed the root, try to change the clip or
  17. I recently noticed, that one of my computers had big white resize handles at the start and the end of each clip in the timeline. It seems it's a rather new feature, because I had never seen it before - and I didn't really like them. So I searched and finally found a way to turn them off and thought it's a good idea to share that with all of you. If you want to turn these big resize handles on/off, just edit this registry key: Path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software Value: SVar Data: Change or add this: "VIDEOPADResizeHandlesoff" (turn off) or "VIDEOPADResize
  18. You can also use video transitions, just click on the "x" between two images (on the timeline) and select the effect "cube spin" oder "slide". There you can select the direction (from left to right, top to bottom, etc.).
  19. I already had similar problems, even worse, sometimes I edited and saved my video project and when I tried to open it later, videopad always crashed. I don't know the reason for it, but it helped to use another version (an older version!) of videopad to be able to load the project file. Here you can find all old versions: http://oldversiondownload.com
  20. Today I discovered a really weird audio bug. It happened to me before (very rare, because it depends on certain audio tracks, but it happend), so I thought it's time to report it. It's easy to reproduce it: 1. Download the audio track Amazer Lazer from YouTube audio library ( https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary_download?vid=837b7856a4dc14e9 ) and put it into the timeline. It's important to use this audio track, because the bug is very rare and only happens for certain audio tracks. 2. Use a blank clip for the video track 3. Now change the volume of the audio track by click
  21. I can confirm a similar problem, it's easy to reproduce: 1. Put any video clip into the timeline 2. Add an image (portrait format, e.g. 1080x1920) after that 3. Add another image (landscape format, e.g. 1920x1080) after that 4. Add the following effects to the portrait image: a) Letterbox to Aspect Ratio (Auto Aspect Ratio) b) Zoom (select any area) (Letterbox is at the bottom of the effects window, Zoom on top) 5. Export the video - the portrait image will not be shown, it's just black This happens in versions 7.24 and 7.25 beta.
  22. The .vpj file contains the complete paths of all media files. If you just copy them to another computer, the file paths must be exactly the same, otherwise loading the .vpj file takes very long. So my guess is, that you saved the files to different paths. To avoid this problem, follow borate's instructions (file -> save as portable project).
  23. Sometimes I have a similar problem and maybe the reason is the same for you. After cutting a lot of scenes it sometimes happens to me, that there is a little rest of a clip (a few milliseconds) I have missed. Because I usually work with the timeline, this little clip is hard to see, I have to zoom in very close to the transition to see it or to switch to the storyboard. Maybe this also happened to you?
  24. @CrystalBull: For me, version 7.10 (link from borate) also had the transition issue. So if it doesn't work, try using version 7.01 (download: http://oldversiondownload.com ). That's the version I'm currently working with.
  25. @Nat: That describes it perfectly - and audio gets out of sync for that clip (only).
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