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How to trim AV & SUBTITLES in sync

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I have an mp4 with in-sync subtitles, loading in VideoPad all plays ok, however, as soon as trimming of certain AV (audio+video) segment, then the Subtitles become out of sync.


Is there a way to keep the subtitles in sync with A/V even after trimming?  it should somehow auto-trim the subtitles as much as needed...


Did do "apply" in subtitles window, but still trimming seems to make av and subtitles out of sync..


Thanks for any tips.

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If I read correctly, then there is no automated way, it's all manual, like if I trim 25 sec from a 3hr clip, now must go into subtitles and find the same spot, then some how adjust/shift all titles after that?   Not very practical I think.  sounds like need a way to "lock" subtitles and A/V..


Thanks. any other tips welcomed.

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As I mentioned....

My advice is to only add subtitles after editing has been completed. As they are not linked to the clips and are time related, editing the timeline  will not re-adjust them. Currently there is no way to link them.

If you have edited a section in the video after you have added your subtitles, you can easily (but annoyingly) reset the RED/BLUE IN/OUT markers for each subtitle in turn from the subtitle screen list. This will reset the Start and Stop times to new values.

However, the subtitles preview screen shows the whole timeline sequence not just a single clip beneath the window so you can play through it and check if the subtitles positions require correction. Each subtitle (position and duration) as it is reached during playback  is shown on the thumbnail line as the highlighted area between the red/blue marker bracketss. Just drag these right or left to move or change the subtitle duration or position. If required re-save the SSA file.


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