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  1. Can Chroma Keying apply to two different colors at the same time? thx!
  2. I have a single audio clip in the bin. I added several parts of the clip to my sequence. Then i applied an audio effect to the clip in the bin. But i don't hear the effect in the sequence. Is there a way to refresh the clips in the sequence from the effected clip in the bin, keep all edit points?
  3. Free isn't a good price for something which doesn't work. Are you saying this will be quickly fixed in the unlicensed version? thx
  4. it looks like you're applying an effect to a clip in the bin, correct? does this also work for clips in the sequence? thx
  5. When using dual preview, it seems i can't shift-click clips in the sequence to select multiple clips at once. Do i need to turn off dual preview to do that? https://i.ibb.co/Y3gRzrj/Screenshot-88.png What are clips in the sequence called? "Clips"? I mean, if i say "clip", how do you know if i'm talking about a clip in the bin vs a clip in the sequence?
  6. so, dual preview shows the clip in one pane, and the sequence in the other pane, correct? Are you saying to apply EQ on the clip, instead of on the sequence? thx!
  7. It seems impossible to play the video while adjusting EQ
  8. thx, i'll try it, but it says it will expire in a few days.
  9. Audio track continues as normal. I see at least two threads on this forum already about this issue, marked resolved. Not resolved for me. I'm using Unlicensed Non-Commercial 8.67 thx
  10. When i re-open a project, the equalizer settings are lost, and i must reapply. How to persist EQ settings for a project? thx
  11. i figured it out. Select region about 3 seconds or more, which contains absolutely nothing, except perfectly uniform, consistent noise. Click Effects > Cleanup > Noise Reduction > Grab Noise Sample. Select new region. Click Effects > Cleanup > Noise Reduction > Spectral subtraction based on noise sample. cheers!
  12. Hi When i increase speed of the first clip in the sequence, it leaves a gap after the clip. The following clips don't shift over to fill the gap. But if i select the first 2 clips, and increase speed, then the following clips do shift over to fill the gap. Why? thx
  13. steps: - Position playhead at desired fade-start - Right-click clip, click 'effects' - Click green plus. - Click 'Fade out' - The effects window instantly closes, and no fade is added. any fix? thx! Update: Seems the fade gets added to the end of the clip, instead of play position. Any way to start the fade at current play position? thx
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