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  1. Lower window timeline cursor not moving

    That's how it works here. After a PAUSE, the timeline cursor picks up from where it left off. Click the VIEW menu on the toolbar, then Restore Default Layout, and see if that helps. If not, try reinstalling the program or test the latest version.
  2. Whatever succeeds! In recent VP versions you should be seeing this...
  3. Click the chevron to the right of the VIEW icon and choose "clip and background."
  4. Batch Volume Adjustment

    Before dragging a clip, UNlink it by clicking the link symbol in the clip thumbnail on the timeline. Unlink each clip to be dragged, select those clips, drag. The links can be restored via the right-click menu.
  5. Release Note v6.00

    Rumor has it that this will be an option in the future. Forewarning: Windows registry edits take place immediately and, if not done correctly, have the potential to hose the program - or Windows. If you are comfortable with the registry, open this branch... HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/NCH Software/VideoPad/Software In the right-hand pane double-click on the SVar item. In the EDIT STRING box, scroll the highlighted data string to the far left and change "Darkon" to "Darkoff" Otherwise, leave the string unaltered.
  6. Batch Volume Adjustment

    Select the desired audio clips, then drag them down to a new audio track. Use the slider at the left of that track to reduce the volume of those clips.
  7. New colouring in VideoPad v6

    Perhaps in the future? But now there's this.
  8. This thread is old; best to start a new topic - with a descriptive subject and specific details. The DropBox address shown is 404 - not available.
  9. Download from web to videopad

    Check out Debut. Its recordings can be loaded into Videopad.
  10. videopad / fade or blur one section of my video

    One way: create a polygon mask. Click the FX icon on the clip, then small green + sign - second from the left in the toolbar. Draw the mask around the area to be shaded. Then click the larger far-left green + and choose blur, diffuse, or exposure. This will affect only the area within the mask. Make adjustments with the slider in the effects window. It might look similar to this, which blended the reflection a bit more into the background, using the exposure effect. View this tutorial. Slightly older VP version is shown but the procedure is the same.
  11. Small Timeline

    In order to display multiple tracks, the thumbnails do scale down. Click the + sign at the far left of a track, if not already in that mode, to expand the track vertically. Between the video and audio tracks there's a line. Dragging it up or down may help, if a track has been partially hidden. Try switching to STORYBOOK mode temporarily. Clicking on the transition X in a clip brings up the transition box. In its lower right-hand corner, set the length.
  12. The Express Animate page states " Export as video, flash, html5 or an animated GIF." Have you tried to export a format that VP can import?
  13. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Nat, To my recollection, the initial load had only music, but when the sequence was copied to a new sequence the voice popped up on a separate track - at least on my first attempt. There were many unused files in the bin, as you noted, but can't say if those with voices were among them.
  14. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Sorry, can't say. However, during discovery there was a 'hidden' audio channel with voices, which may have had an impact?? Now that you have the corrected version, it will be deleted on the server. Glad it worked out.
  15. Export Hangs at 99%

    Are you using the latest VP version? What is the export format? Have you looked to see if the export succeeded despite the hang? That has happened occasionally. Put the project up on a server and someone will test it... With the project on the timeline, click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload ALL the resulting files (zip them if you like) to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc. Make the link public and post it here.
  16. How to get all audio FX in Video Pad

    In Videopad, right-click the Mp4 in the media bin and click on SAVE AUDIO CLIP AS NEW FILE. That will be a WAV that can be loaded into MixPad. To locate it, right-click the new audio file in VP and click OPEN FILE LOCATION.
  17. How to get all audio FX in Video Pad

    Edit the file in MixPad. A finished file then can be loaded into Videopad, and it should show up under the AUDIO tab in the Media bin (top-left). Is that what you need?
  18. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Sequence appears to be corrupt. The file that you downloaded fixed the issue.
  19. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Need ALL the files that SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT included - not just the VPJ. You might try zipping them all, then uploading the zip file.
  20. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Have never seen that behavior reported. If possible, with the project on the timeline, click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload the results (all files) to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the link public and post it here. Someone will attempt to duplicate what you see.
  21. How to enable Dark Mode?

    Resolved in later posts.
  22. My mistake. Don't click the X on the clips. Click the X (transitions button) in the toolbar. Be sure that you are clicking on the video clips. Or have clicked the focus to the clips on the timeline prior to pressing <ctrl-a>. Don't just press the <shift> or <ctrl> key prior to selecting the clips. Hold the key down while clicking them.
  23. Select multiple clips. Hold down <ctrl> and click specific clips. Or click the first clip, hold down <shift> and click the last to select that range. Or, <ctrl-a> will select all clips. Then click the X in the toolbar (not the one in the clips). The transitions screen appears. Choose one and it will prompt to APPLY TO ALL or APPLY TO ONE.
  24. How to remove fisheye effect from a video?

    No need for that here. Visitors will figure it out.