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    Left audio channel only

    See this very recent thread.
  2. borate

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    Using 6.23 via any route except <ctrl-B> brings up the LOSSLESS EXPORT box with Local Computer as the top choice. Clicking on it produces another page with all fields filled in - ready for export. File types/encodings on the timeline were mixed but the file type for lossless defaults to an AVI wrapper. After several export failures, as outlined above, subsequent passes played... Looking more closely, though the export window appeared to complete normally the exported AVI file duration shown in the video player is about twice as long as the project, which seems to be what stebbinsd reports.
  3. borate

    Sound will not play in stereo ????????

    Update to the latest release; it's reported that this has been corrected. In lieu of that, see this thread.
  4. borate

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    No overruns with three lossless exports here - a :55 and 7:25 AVI and a :55 MOV independently - using beta version 6.23, which should be out shortly. However, when those clips were combined and then lossless-exported to a video file, clip #3 was either blank, out of sync or lacked some audio when played, depending upon where play was begun. NCH shares improvements regularly and that's to their credit in my book. They are also more responsive to fixing problems than are some other companies. E.g.: even after extensive testing, Windows 8 broke MS's handy FAX utility. It wasn't repaired until the release of W10. In that major release, DUN was unusable. The most recent version (not beta) of an emulator that has been successfully updated many times here locked up, and hosed the PC's file system. Reworking of software and shorter testing times invites regressions/bugs. Nature of the beast.😒
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    Export Crash

    Clear Unused Cache Files, under OPTIONS|DISK tab. Be sure that your video driver is up to date. Shut down other programs while exporting from Videopad. Instead of using Videopad's direct YouTube uploader, try exporting a video file in a YT compatible format (there are many) and then use their uploading procedure.
  6. borate

    add Spanish accent marks text how

    Las marcas de acento españolas seguirán si pegas texto que los contenga en la ventana de redacción de texto VP.
  7. borate

    Stereo audio

    As independent left and right channels? Don't think so. As a single waveform, yes.
  8. borate

    How do I report a bug?

    Likely not a bug but a missing viewer/player codec. See the responses in your two other posts. Share your project, as instructed, and someone will check it out.
  9. borate

    Created video sound only, no video (no photos)

    Chances are that the necessary codec isn't installed in the video player. A codec pack may overcome that, although they can be overkill. AVI is a wrapper that can contain various video compressors. In the EXPORT box, open the encoding box and try a few different ones. H264 would be a good choice.
  10. borate

    Exported video only plays audio, not my video.

    As c_major requested in your other thread, please share the project so someone can check it out. Here's how... 1. Save your project. Then, with it on the timeline, click the FILE menu. SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS to any convenient folder. 2. Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all. 3. Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. It's free. 4. Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link. 5. Paste the link into this forum.
  11. borate

    I can recall seeing "Flip" video effects...

    Might add that if effects are accessed via the BIN clip - Flip applied in this example - the result will affect only the bin clip, if that clip has already been dropped into the timeline. In that case the flipped bin clip can be used to overwrite the existing timeline clip. Or, simply access the effects dialog from the timeline clip in the first place.
  12. borate

    I can recall seeing "Flip" video effects...

    Use the ROTATE effect.
  13. What version? Here's the latest. Share the project, and someone will take a look to see if they can spot the problem... 1. Save your project. Then, with it on the timeline, click the FILE menu. SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS to any convenient folder. 2. Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all. 3. Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. It's free. 4. Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link. 5. Paste the link into this forum.
  14. borate

    High CPU use, High temp, shutdown, i7 quad core

    Clear Unused Cache Files, under OPTIONS|DISK tab. Under the EDITING tab, try toggling Use Hardware-Accelerated Video Effects. Update your video driver. Update Videopad here. It won't cost you anything. If the problem persists, post again.
  15. borate

    VideoPad Audio Questions

    1. The Wizard is a set-up tool and doesn't apply to your query. 2. Amplify can be used to boost or cut individual clip volume. The result will be apparent when the clip is previewed. 3. Under the OPTIONS|MEDIA tab, check the 'automatically normalize volume' box. Also try NORMALIZE - one of the audio effects choices. See this thread. If those measures don't help with the final product, come back here for more suggestions.
  16. borate

    Ver 6.21

  17. borate

    Create a Moving Crop Selection

    In the animation window there are dots (keyframes), which can be dragged to change timing or positioning. The lines, each one denoting a different parameter, are a graphic plot of the action. The closer the keyframes are to one another for a particular parameter, the quicker the action between them. Many interim keyframes may have to be created depending upon how fast the subject moves, if the action is to be tracked precisely. Begin by cropping your subject. Just prior to the first movement, click the small green + to create the first keyframe. Play until the subject moves. Pause. Drag the crosshatch in the middle of the cropped area to the subject's new position. Another keyframe is created. Play some more, until the subject moves to another position that should be the focus. Pause. Drag the crosshatch to the new location, and so forth. Keyframes dots can be deleted. Right-click on them and choices will appear. Dots can be dragged. The result of doing that will be apparent in the preview window, or in the timing between effect locations while playing. Takes practice.
  18. borate

    Create a Moving Crop Selection

    In the CROP effects box be sure that the animation editor is visible at the right. Click the white-dot icon in toolbar if it is not. Make your crop. Move the scrubber (red line) to the spot just prior to where the movement occurs. Click the small green + in the toolbar to create the initial keyframe. Play the video. When the subject moves, click the crosshatch in the preview display and drag the cropped window to the new position. This will create another keyframe. The dimensions of the cropped window can also be adjusted, if necessary by either dragging the preview window handles or adjusting sliders. Continue this process as needed. The plot that results - visible as an animation graph - will track your subject. For a detailed explanation of how the animation editor works, click the ? at the top-right of the Videopad window and click the Animating Video Effects item.
  19. borate

    Video pad for audio only?

    As Nat notes, VP has basic audio capabilities. WavePad is far more competent in that regard and integrates well with VP. While it is a separate purchase if its full capabilities are to be utilized, perhaps you don't require that level of sophistication. Test the program.
  20. borate

    Reversed Clip Not Working

    Not the case here. Reversed a half-dozen clips in 6.21. Selected the clip on the timeline, right-clicked and REVERSE CLIP. Worked fine.
  21. borate

    Release Note v6.21

    Dunno. 6.20 is loaded and it is not listed as beta. The HELP file header reads 6.21. No uninstalls, just over-installs here. Also, when a user repeatedly runs the installer for a specific version #, the result may have slight UI variations. Seems random which build is installed.
  22. borate

    Hanging at 98.5% please help

    What version of VP is being used? Install this one and see if it clears up the issue.
  23. borate

    Clips don't snap properly

    Nat is right; it's imprecise - <alt> or no <alt> - and needs work. The other methods do the job.
  24. borate

    Release Note v6.21

    Did you access this link?
  25. borate

    Text layer antialiasing

    Not claiming that this JPG is a precise one-to-one representation. But in this my degradation appears to be negligible. Slight shading difference. Version 6.20. It appears that the font you used was not available here.