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  1. When I click "Previous frame" right under the sequence preview, it takes me way far back in the video to a random spot on the timeline/start of it. Can't necessarily provide a demonstration, cause it appears to be random, or I'm just missing something. Basically I click the option and it takes me to the start of the timeline like this. Yes, I'm sure I'm not clicking the wrong button
  2. Update: I've been told to uninstall Videopad, reboot my PC and install version 10.18, which solved the issue. Sorry for unnecessary post
  3. When adding a file with two audio tracks (game footage with split audio, one is for ingame audio, one is for microphone), when I go to choose the "Stream 1" option, both video and audio are added. When I try to add the file with the mic audio (stream 2), only the video preview is added, no audio whatsoever. I've checked with an mp4 file that I worked on previously, the issue appeared on that one too. Worked without any problems before. Tried reinstalling, deleting the "Components" stuff and clearing cache, nothing
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