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  2. I am also looking for a Manual..
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  4. Hi (VP v. 5.01) If you go into Tools/Options/Display then click the Preset box down arrow you can select the preview display resolution from the list. This will remain in force until you decide to change the values or reinstall the software. Edit Nat
  5. Is there a way to make custom preview presets? I know you can type your own preview resolution but there doesn't seem to be a traditional way to save the custom. I assume there's a way to do it by going into the program files but does anyone here know how? I have VideoPad version 4.10.
  6. I have been using Express Animate for a few months (v2.03) and recently installed version 3, and then immediately experienced the same problem as JohnySK: video saves as sound with no picture. If I try to open the file in Express Animate I get "File format not recognised" which is a bit ironic. I tried saving in different formats with the same result. This has nothing to do with disc space or anything like that, I uninstalled and reverted to the earlier version and now video - even projects created in version 3 - saves as it should. Plus, it doesn't change all the text to Arial 20 when I Undo but that's another story...
  7. Thanks for clarifying the differences, c_major, between the two methods of generating videos in two products. I guess the point here is that NCH obviously understands our need for speed and has it on their backlog. That's all we can ask for. Stability first, of course. Now that I've found the root cause of my BSODs (bad memory stick) I'm generating my VP videos with gay abandon again as I'm not on tenterhooks waiting for the crash!
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  9. Prizm is a one to one file converter and does not need to process the images in the video stream. It use a totally different pipeline to VideoPad. You can't have overlays, effects and transitions etc. in Prizm. We are always working on improve performance. We will make adjustments as soon as we see a chance to make it faster without breaking something else.
  10. Just remember that cassette tapes are actually four tracks - two tracks either way. Therefore a mono recording on tape is still two of the tracks in normal use. When your tapes were brand new the sound on the two tracks would've been more or less exactly the same, if it was a mono recording. Over time there may have been some deterioration to your tape making a slight variation on/ between the two tracks. When you record from your cassette player record in stereo and then if you feel like it merge the two channels on your recording to mono. Be aware if you convert to an MP3 it will probably revert to two channels.
  11. Hello, Anyone got the slightest idea of how to avoid those abrupt squeaks/blips at the end of a clip. It doesn't happen often, but every now and again there is a sudden jump and sudden squeak as the cursor passes of the end of a clip. It has already ruined one master and threatens to ruin more. Any ideas how this can be resolved? Thanks
  12. As far as I know, there is no way to do that. You could maybe use another field to record the last name and then sort by that column in your invoice or customer list. If you're not using the group or salesperson fields, one of those would work. It's a workaround. I have wished for years that there was a way to do that. This workaround doesn't help when trying to select a name in a drop down field, which is a time you really need that. You can submit a suggestion to NCH for this feature in the Help menu of your program. Teri
  13. Hi, I have paid for a Express Scribe Pro (v5.68) and we have problems to read DSS2 files...I have a lot of dss2 files to work on and i don't know how to do... Like Michigan and lIsari, some files (don't know why??) are cutted at the half and we can't hear nothing after (not all the files are concerned by this issue). I see that even Switch Audio Converter can't do anything about it (hopefully i didn't buy any licence of this software...) After some researchs, it seems that only can successfully decode these files... Maybe an admin can help us ? Thanks in advance. Platform : ExpressScribe 5.68 (Need to upgrade to 6.x ?) Windows 8.1+ codecs (According to
  14. And Bob has the machine that I aspire to get; but he (well, VP) also has the problem that prevents me from even thinking about it. Now, NCH say some of the processing is done by the GPU and VP's been made more efficient generally, but I still second Bob's desire to configure VP like the Prizm Video File Converter; render a 40 minute video in under 10 minutes whilst you're having a coffee. Re-exporting when you discover a mistake is then not so onerous. Any plans on this front NCH?
  15. I 2nd Aresby's complaint. I have 3.4 Ghz Core i7-3770 cpu with 32G ram that is barely utilized by VideoPad when it exports or updates a video being worked on. I never see more than 20% processor utilization and generally it is closer to around 13%. The NCH Prizim Video file converter can be configured to utilize as much or as little of the CPU as desired and I love that it can really blast through the conversion of a single video, achieving 100% cpu load. It would be excellent if you could add a similar configuration feature to VideoPad. I would like to so see much faster rendering of changes to the Video tracks after effects have been changed than the sluggish performance that I am seeing now with v5.01.
  16. Thank you both for your help! Very much appreciated
  17. Hello @davep Unfortunately, the file was corrupted due to the power outage and cannot be recovered.
  18. Have you check the Audio settings you are using in Debut. Debut has an Option that you will allow you to capture the sound from the speakers or any other device. You can check that option. If the problem persist you might require advance tech Support you can open a support ticket directly using this link:
  19. Hello SEVENSUN, if you need to save a file from Mixpad temporarily to keep working on it later, you need to select the option "Save Project" located in the upper left hand side of the screen, is the diskette icon. Mixpad will save this file with an .MPDP extension and you are going to be able to open it later. We recommend you to save this file somewhere visible, like in your desktop. Once you save it, you should be able to see an icon for Mixpad with the name of the file you create.
  20. I'm not sure what you mean, but you can enter a new task by pressing control-T or via the New Task button. Tasks aren't repetitive in Express Project. Each one has to be entered individually, but we're always open to suggestions at
  21. Final update on the Windows 10 BSOD saga: It's not VP causing it. After lengthy investigation (crashes were sporadic) MemTest86 identified a stick of Crucial memory that was to blame, which I'm hoping to RMA as they have a lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser). So, nothing to worry about on the VP front, I'll get this stick replaced and get another to bring the total to 16Gb that may help general Windows (and more specifically, VP) improve performance.
  22. Hello, I am relatively new to Mixpad and enjoying using the software. I'm encountering an issue regarding saving work. When I start a new project, I may give the file name when I save it. Then when I return and attempt to open up the file a box appears asking if I want to save the changes. I say click then when I open the project the file is GONE. This has happened on two occasions and frankly I dread it when that box pops up because it feels like a trick question. Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks
  23. I can't help because I never record from DVR, but Debut Support will respond to your problem, even if you haven't paid for support - it just takes a little longer but only a couple of days, in my experience. The link to Debut Support is in the intro to this forum.
  24. Sadly, I have never been able to recover any recording that wasn't properly "finished off" by Debut. It's a problem I've Googled several times but never found a solution. I can't remember if I've ever written to Debut Support about it.
  25. It's actually the other way around. I saved it with an older version and then opened it, but it used to happen within the same versions as well.
  26. Are trying access Inventoria through the web client or application. If the web client you have to make sure the web server is running.
  27. Hello Forum, I'm new here so please forgive any lapses in terminology. I just had an unexpected power outage on my PC whilst capturing a large video recording of some live data on the internet. The result is that I have the untitled video file, but it will not play. I am wondering if it can be recovered as it contains information I need. I checked the file properties against another recording I made a couple of hours earlier and the resulting difference can be seen in the attached picture. I tried to convert the .avi file but it will not load in the file converter I suspect as the properties are missing. When I right click on a working recording and check properties, the genral and details tabs contain information When I right click on the non-working recording to check details, the general tab contains the usual information, but the details tab is empty Does anyone have any suggestions how I might recover and use the video file? In the attached picture Untitled 43.avi works fine as I expect (I stopped the recording normally) but Untitled 44.avi does not play as it was subject to the PC shutting down before I could manually stop the recording. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards David
  28. The hardware acceleration requirement is support for shader level 2. Yes, most of the Intel chips support that. However there are still a few effects are not done in GPU, including the censored effect you've mentioned. Since they are actually more effective if done on CPU. Faster CPU would definitely speed up everything.
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