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  2. Hi, From the bottom left corner of the software window, there is a "Select Recording Window" section, click the square that has four arrows pointing at each corner, this will allow to record from the entire screen once again. Best regards,
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  4. Thanks for the input. The only solution I have found is to print the unpaid invoices and a statement and save them to a pdf. If you ever got audited you would need to know where the missing invoices went. I guess this is a bug in the programming that should be looked at.
  5. Hi all' I have some how caused my Debut Video Capture to highlight the recording area and leave the rest of the screen dim and dull ( like myself ) how please do i get it back too normal. Thanks in advance
  6. I would be interested in purchasing Voxal... if it would continuously work. I think I am having some sort of technical issue. After running Voxal, then the program that will use my microphone (like Discord), Voxal successfully adds effects for a few minutes, then stops working. The program is still running, just not adding any effects and the interface can't be interacted with in anyway other than to minimize or exit the application. However, I noticed it was still running in task manager after pressing the X to close the application, and the only way to actually exit it was to end the process in task manager. I've used 2 different microphones with Voxal, and I am consistently having this issue. Is it actually an issue? Or is it a limitation of the trial?
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  8. In regards of the first question, there is no way to reduce the amount of tracks, and in regards of the second question, you'll need to change the name of the tracks before loading them into Mixpad.
  9. It will not record on my MacBook
  10. I must have explained myself poorly. I was looking for a way to integrate the play/pause in a single key. Too bad we can't map ESC. Thank you for the answer though.
  11. Sadly the program does not offer the option to archive or delete a customer without removing everything related to that customer. So, if you remove the customer from the customer's database then all the invoices data will also be removed with it.
  12. I can't get WP to save audio tags when I save a project as an aac file. It works on mp3 files though. Is there a bug or a work around?
  13. SoundTap isn't recognized as an output device, SoundTap is an installed program that will capture the audio being played on your computer and save it to where you set it by going to SoundTap > Preferences > Recordings Folder. To use SoundTap, play some audio on your PC, then click the "Start Recording" button, when finished click the button again, this time "Stop Recording". to Check the recording go to "Find & Play" or go directly to the location you set up as "Recordings Folder".
  14. When you map your Hot-Keys, you should be able to map one to "Play (With Pausing)" but you won't be able to map the ESC key. You'd have to use another key.
  15. Hi, Please elaborate on " It is allowing sound on sound "... basically this is the software main functionality, it allows to record and mix tracks, when you play it, it will play all the tracks at the same time, regardless if the sound overlaps the previous or next track. Please review. Best regards,
  16. If you know how to use an image editing software (e.g. GIMP), you can draw the shape on an image with transparent background. Save the image in PNG format and import it into VideoPad. The transparency will be retained so it can be used as an overlay clip.
  17. Hi Nat, An external image editor can be used to create simple drawings that can be used in VideoPad. We can import images with transparent background as an overlaying clip. We have another product (Express Animate) which is designed to animate drawings. We are working on the integration between VideoPad and Express Animate. Users can create animated drawings from Express Animate and import them to VideoPad as overlay clips - via PNG image sequence or APNG video file format. Best regards,
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  19. Hi guys, this is probably a simple question but I've just started using MixPad yesterday and I can't seem to find a solution for my problem. I am uploading gameplay videos to YouTube and I'm splitting game audio, TS3 audio and Microphone audio into 3 separate tracks so I can filter out certain things if needs be. What I want to do: Reduce amount of default tracks from 12 to 3 because that's all I needby default Enable said 3 tracks by default Set default names to the tracks so I don't have to do that for every time I start MixPad Is there a way to do this?
  20. Hi Can anyone give me tips on improving the clarity of recorded playback videos and text, please. I have tried several things but without success. Thank you, Best wishes, Kanzle.
  21. HI NCH Whilst replying to a previous post regarding ways to outline or mark in some way parts of text or objects in video clips I noticed that whilst there are lots of useful clipart images in the NCH clipart library, there no simple empty geometric outline shapes that could be used for this purpose. e.g. different sized squares, short and long rectangles; circles ovals; round cornered rectangles etc. Currently one has to either adapt font images like Webdings, (which is very limited) or specially create or download something suitable from dedicated websites. Any chance that the libray could be expanded to include such outlines? Nat
  22. I know your problem, sometimes I just have to change the angle or view and keep selecting floors until It gets deleted. I know this is frustrating as hell but I just keep at it and before you know it I found the right floor and angle to delete it.
  23. I'm looking to make a smooth curve not a octagon type curve, you know like round floors.
  24. Have you tried using the Normalize feature?
  25. " Is there a way to change the defualt duration of each subtitle added? " Place the full clip on the timeline Click Tools/Subtitles Move red cursor to start point of first subtitle. Enter subtitle. Red and Blue end markers will appear and thumbnails will highlight default duration of subtitle Move red cursor line to required end point of the subtitle and then click the blue end point button. Blue marker will move to the cursor position. Your subtitle will appear in the highlighted length of clip. Click green ADD cross. Move red cursor line to start of next subtitle Enter next subtitle Move red cursor line to required end point of the next subtitle and then click the blue end point button. Blue marker will move to the cursor position. Your subtitle will appear in the highlighted length of clip.......and so on. Subtitles will be of any length you select with the cursor positions. Nat
  26. Subtitles, by their nature, are of varying lengths - user set. Check this out.
  27. Hi Adding circle or square is relatively simple and quick... Place your text on Video Track 1 if you are just using text, OR...if you have an underlying video clip place your video clip on Video Track 1 and your text clip on Video Track 2 so it overlays your video....The example here is just two text clips on Track 1 and Track 2.... Click "Add Text" and type a capital O. If you have it installed use "Century Gothic" font but any round "O" will do. Place your "circle" on Video Track 2 or Video Track 3 (as appropriate) Apply the "Position" effect to the "circle" and drag it to surround the letter or object required. If it is too small or large simply alter the font size and then re-centre........ If you want a square (and have the font) then use Webdings "c" ..... A rectangle or Oval is not really feasible with this method as the scale effect is limited to 3X in the horizontal direction and at the same time it thickens the vertical sides of the square. Borate's suggestion of using underlining or a downloading a suitable png image in this case may be more appropriate Nat
  28. Is there a way to change the defualt duration of each subtitle added? That might help...
  29. Nevermind i tried using a different font style and now it works
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