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  2. Release Note v5.31

    What's new: Introducing dark theme GUI. We are still gathering feedback and users will have 50% chance to get dark UI when you install VideoPad. The theme can be changed by uninstall and reinstall VideoPad. Added new sound effects: Normalize Noise removal Low pass VST plugins
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  4. split screen in video pad

    Hi Put Video 1 on Track 1 Click the FX box at the left end of the track. Click the Green Cross and select the Split Screen effect. In the drop down box select Horizontal 2. Select side A or B Put Video 2 on Track 2 (Overlay track) Click the FX box at the left end of the track Click the Green Cross and select the Split Screen effect. In the drop down box select Horizontal 2 Select Side A or B (Opposite to the selection made for Track 1) The two videos should now play side by side with no gap. However..........Each video will be cut in two. If you want both videos to play side by side without being cropped then... Place Video 1 on Video Track 1 Click the FX box at the left end of the track. Click the Green cross and select the Scale effect. Tick the "Maintain AR" box and set the scale value to 0.5 Click the green cross once more and select the Position effect. Set the Horizontal position to -25 and vertical position to 0 Place Video 2 on Track 2 (Overlay track) Repeat the steps as for Video 1 but set the Horizontal position at 25 and vertical position to 0. The videos will now play side by side with no cropping or any gap between them. Played side by side like this however, both videos have necessarily to be made smaller so there will be a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen as the combined AR will not be 16:9. By experimenting a bit with position and crop and scale you may possibly get the required effect without black bars but a lot depends on the actual position of the action in each clip. The above methods are the simplest. Nat .
  5. Hi there, I've been using Express Scribe Pro for several months with the standard wired headphones and Alto Edge foot pedal that came with my kit and Windows 10. They have been working well. I recently bought a set of bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones that work well for music and other things. However, when I use them for transcribing audio files through Express Scribe Pro, they work fine for a while, but when I stop the playback to catch up on typing, I can't restart playback with the foot pedal, keyboard or on-screen controls. The only way I can continue the playback is to re-start Express Scribe Pro, start the playback through the speakers, and then turn on the bluetooth headphones. Again, it works until I have to stop the playback, then I can't get it started again. I'm trying to isolate if it's an issue with the software or with my system. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks,
  6. Crossfade transition cuts off

    Hi, I have noticed that this question has lready been asked but the answer provided does not match what is happening with my video. I have a Windows 10 (64 bit) computer with Intel Core i5-3330 CPU @ 3 GHz and 8GB RAM. I am using a cross-fade video transition between clips. I first edited the clips themselves, by removing audio, making them black and white and of course, prior to that, clipping them to the desired length. I then applied the cross-fade video transition in such a way that I allowed to move clips to overlap. Before applying a transition, I have also sped them up twice (the idea is that they need to be balck and white and sped up). Surprisingly, the cross-fade transition between the first clip and the second one stalls the video so that towards the end of the first clip the video freezes, then the playhead moves over the beginning of the second clip, this beginning is also frozen, and then suddenly the image in the video strarts moving again. Surprisingly enough, even though I have app;ied the identical transition between the second and the third clip, I am not encountering any such issues there and everything works perfectly fine. What could be causing such an uneven transition just between those first two clips? Many thanks for your feedback. Best regards Wojtek Poland
  7. Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

    Exactly! I could leave the computer to record and be sure that it only recorded what I wanted. Now I have to sit by the machine and wait for it to finish or end up with hours of silence.
  8. Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

    Hi, Not really, possibly at that time, the recording stopped because there was no audio to record... Regards,
  9. split screen in video pad

    Not seeing that in VP Windows 5.20 version. It looked the same for video files and stills; no line between them. Image one was dropped onto track 1. The position effect was clicked, then the preview window was clicked and the cross in the middle used to drag the image left. Image two was dropped onto track 2. The position effect again, with this image dragged to the right, until the track two image left edge just touched the right edge of the image on track one.
  10. Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

    But I'm sure it used to! A retrograde step?
  11. Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

    Hello Stephen, unfortunately at this moment SoundTap does not offer the option to automatically stop when the streaming stops.
  12. Not recording via codec

    Hi, please check that you are starting SoundTap before you are starting your audio stream. Please note that if you are using a web browser such as Internet Explorer to play an audio stream such as internet radio then you will need to start SoundTap before you start the web browser. Also, check if SoundTap is giving you any error messages in the logs.
  13. mp3's extremely slow to open in WavePad

    Try this: Uninstall WavePad, then remove a folder called "WavePad" from these locations: - C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\ - C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ (if you can't find the ProgramData folder, set Windows to show hidden files and folders) - C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\ (if you can't find the AppData folder, set Windows to show hidden files and folders) Restart the PC, reinstall WavePad from http://www.nch.com.au/components/wpsetup.exe If the issue persists, enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  14. compatible con placa capturadora de video

    En este momento el programa no ha sido probado con este tipo de capturadores, sin embargo, el programa soporta diferentes capturadores de video. Recuerde que siempre puede probar el program gratis, y verificar si este dispositivo funciona. En este enlace encontrará dispositvos que recomendamos para un funcionamiento óptimo del programa: https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/acc/index.html
  15. Customer Info On Invoice

    Hi, Usually this is done on the Address case, below the Customer name, but you can add more information on the Comment cases. Regards,
  16. Abnormal

    Hi, What version of Pixillion are you using? and where? Windows or Mac OS? confirm OS version. Also, does it happens when converting 300 .pdf files or when doing any other conversion? please confirm.
  17. split screen in video pad

    hi all, i am new here and my first post so excuse me if i do something wrong. i am creating a left and right split screen in my video. but there is a grey line in the middle where the split is done. how can i remove that line. i want to make the two videos sitting side by side seemless with no lines in the between them. these are the steps i took to achieve the split: - i cut the video to size - changed its position to the left - i cut the second video to size - moved its position to the right - placed the 2 videos on the sequence one on top of each other thanks in advance
  18. Have been using Soundtap for many years and have upgraded to windows 10 version. Would you advise how I can set it so that recording automatically stops when the audio stream stops?
  19. Customer Info On Invoice

    Hi everyone, Very new to this forum and I can seem to find my answer anywhere here. Is there anyway to add more customer info to the invoice. ie Mobile number and email address?
  20. No playback audio

    I know this is old, but I ran into the same problem a few minutes ago. I fixed it by closing out Finale, which was open at the same time as Crescendo. I wonder if Crescendo can't handle two applications that use Midi being open at the same time. After I closed Finale, everything worked fine in Crescendo again.
  21. Not recording via codec

    It will record streams and other programs record via codec just fine. I have used SoundTap to record via codec before... Not sure what's going on this time...
  22. Last week

    Vous pouvez utiliser l'option "Nouvel Avoir" sur la page principale du programme. Ici, vous pouvez ajouter une note au bas, indiquant les détails du retour. L'ajustement devrait se faire automatiquement, si ce n'est pas le cas, je vous conseille de contacter le service de support technique avec ce lien: http://www.nch.com.au/support/fr/supportcontact.html?software=ExpressInvoice Il s'agit de la meilleure façon d'avoir une réponse sûre
  24. Dummy

    Ok, I understand now. Thanks for the information
  25. necesito sabes, si debut es compatible con alguna placa capturadora de video incorporada a la placa madre de mi pc, en mi caso tengo la intencion de comprar magewell pro capture quad hdmi
  26. mp3's extremely slow to open in WavePad

    I'm having the same problem. A 30 minute 128k/b mp3 file is 27.8MB in size and takes 5 seconds to open in Aud CC, the same file takes over 25 minutes to open in Wavpad. Any ideas?
  27. Need Export of Items Sold per Bill

    Hi Elk many thanks for your reply. But I still have the issue. I need report which gives me Items per transaction for a certain number of days. I tried to look at other reports but they dont give details of Transactions. Rather just bill no and date with amount. I need date, bill no., items in each transaction. I can see in transactions folder that it creates .dat files for each bill no. but there's no option to merge them all and have a look.
  28. Abnormal

    @NIAMH, did you ever get a response from tech support? I have exactly the same problem.
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