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  2. Extremely Slow Preview

    It may not be your laptop, but the project itself. This will allow others to take a look.
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  4. Extremely Slow Preview

    Test it, as in see if it's just my laptop or it lags them aswell? It's super basic but I can try
  5. Extremely Slow Preview

    Another user had what may have been a similar problem that was eventually remedied. If possible, please click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT and upload the result to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make it public and post the link here. Someone will test it.
  6. Extremely Slow Preview

    Please check if any program running in the background and occupying the CPU.
  7. Extremely Slow Preview

    On my PC which has fairly close specs to my laptop I just purchased (HP Envy x360 I7) it's extremely frustrating to try to edit anything in videopad with how bad the preview is. I've done barely anything, to a 20 second clip, yet every time I try to watch it in the editor it says "Building Preview Please Wait". Does anyone struggle with this? I literally can't even tell how the video looks because every time I get to a part that's slightly edited it freezes or the music gets way off sync, or sometimes it even plays random footage that has been deleted already. Never had this trouble with the earlier version on my desktop. Any ideas? Even lowering the resolution to complete garbage results in it freezing.
  8. Save as PDF

    Thank you but it's not working. I have tried save and I have tried the menu save as pdf and it's not working.
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  10. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    I actually just cracked it. If anyone else ever has this problem, this is what I did. I moved the original file to a different location and then opened the project. When the program couldn't find it, it gave me to option to locate it. I hit browse, went to the new location, and it loaded fine. Thanks a million for your time and your help. Now all I have to do is figure out how to format a disk drive to both hold a 4.5G file and play on my TV. But that's a frustrating battle for another day. Thanks again. Sincerely, ed
  11. Exporting crash

    Hi Borate, I cleared the cache as described and it's still the same. The export problem just started today and before now it was running very well. I tried re-installing the video-pad software, and no joy I'm afraid. My pc is an i7 4790 3.6 GHz CPU with 64 bit operating system, 12 GB RAM and 926 GB of hard drive, so that shouldn't be an issue. It did start to have issues opening up Word and Excel files about the same time time as I installed the video-pad, so it may or may not be linked, I cant be sure. I'm running a defrag overnightand will re-instal the software again tomorrow and see what that does. Gav
  12. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    Then, for comparison, consider uploading the original VPJ and a later save that won't load - for analysis.
  13. Exporting crash

    Videopad should not affect the overall speed of your PC. That said, video editing is resource intensive. What are the specs: CPU/GPU/RAM/free space/video adapter, etc.? Under OPTIONS|DISK tab Clear Unused Cache Files, to rule out corruption as the cause of the problem. Assuming you are running Windows, open the file manager and right-click on the C:\ drive. Click PROPERTIES. Click on the Disk Clean Up button and clear temporary files. Try substituting another clip at the spot where it freezes. Same result?
  14. Exporting crash

    Hi there, I am having the same problem as described above. Have been working essentially the same video for days now, with no issues, then it just started to freeze up at the same spot today. Tried a bunch of different export file types to no avail. Also, my Computer has also started running very slow since I installed the software, suspect this maybe linked? Am on Windows 10 and V5.04. Ran McAfee and Spybot Search and Destroy, so no virus probs. Plenty of hard-drive space and only 3% fragged, so no issues there either. Re-installed the software too, but no joy.
  15. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    The file is a m4v. The original save will open. The subsequent saves will not. I opened a new project using the same file; in this project the file opens. I would rather not upload the file for inspection.
  16. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    So it's a single file that will load initially, but not after repeated saves. What's the format of that file? Can you upload it for inspection? There's no limit on number of cuts.
  17. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    The original file is on my desktop, where it has always been. When the error message appears, it gives me no options. The original project, with only 2 cuts, will load. It uses the same file that will not load for later projects. I have no clue what the problem could be. Is it possible to make too many cuts on a big file?
  18. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    None of the files used in the project have been moved? When the error message appears does it prompt to locate the files? You state that the original project will load. Are those the very files that will not load from later VPJ saves of the same project? If that's the case consider uploading the initial VPJ and a subsequent save (that doesn't work) to Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make it public and link it here. Someone will analyze it.
  19. Hi, In purchases i do partial payments, I tried to add a payment but keeps telling me allocated is more so is off balance. In the customer invoice it lets me do it Appreciate comments Thank you Pedro
  20. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    Thanks for reaching out. I tried clearing the unused cache files. It didn't work. If you have any more suggestions, I would appreciate it. I worked very hard on this project, and I love it very much.
  21. AIFF

    The only thing I do on WavePad is to transfer my recordings from my digital recorder into WavePad. I then listen back (slow mode first, and then normal speed) after I have increased the amplification and sound reduction.
  22. Can't open project- error loading clip files(s)

    This may slow things, but to rule out cache corruption, under OPTIONS|DISK tab press the button to Clear Unused Cache Files. Also look at this.
  23. Paid more money what for? You did purchase the program right?
  24. nope there was nothing they could do unless i paid more money
  25. Hmmm, that's not good, even worst for the software marketing, have you ever got a feedback from the support?
  26. I ended up having to do everything by hand
  27. I Never had this resolved. Kept getting the run around then told i needed to buy something else to get more tech support. so i closed my program and went with quick books
  28. Hello, I was about to register the software but I run into this issue, I was wondering if the above problem has been solved? Appreciate comments Thank you Pedro
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