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CD Drive Not Detected


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03 March 2023 - just bought and downloaded Express Rip CD Ripper Plus.

I put a CD into my laptop's CD drive but when I go to the CD/DVD Drive selection box here is nothing there for me to select. 

Why is it not seeing the CD drive? Have I just wasted my money?

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Hi Chris75.

Yes I have tried restarting my laptop. The problem I think is related to the fact that Windows Media Player is not reading any cd I put in the drive and I can't see the device in my settings any more.

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Hi @EdmundD


You can try finding the drivers that will help you fix this issue. For starters, try upgrading, if that doesn't work, try downgrading to the original version or consult with the manufacturer support about this. 

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Hi n1x1 

 I went to Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices.
The CD/DVD Drives appear in the list.
I selected Uninstall and restarted my laptop. The restart reinstalled the drives.
I put a CD into the drive and I am pleased to say Express RIP now sees the CD drive and rips successfully.
Thanks again.
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