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Can I download instrumental loop (e.g. bass) and use it in wavepad


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   Totally new to Daws and wavepad. I have seen enough to know that many DAWS allow you to download loops that give sound of a specific instrument. So if I don't have a real  bass player to work with me then my ideal situation would be where I would download a generic bass loop and modify it to fit the bassline I need for my music. I looked up loops in the NCH documentation but it seems to discuss a repeating musical phrase in one of the tracks regardless of the desired instrument. I have a feeling the answer is yes but can I download digital instrument files to allow me to create a digital musical lines that fit my music?




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Hello figooo, The program does offer an option to load VSTi which are virtual instruments that you can then use with a MIDI player to create the music.  For example, you can download a bass VSTi, then create the bass line using your MIDI player, then, you may loop the based line to create the song you want.



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