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Paint by numbers: edit the template for painting


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I try to convert photos into paint by numbers image. Using : Menu - Tools - Paint by numbers , the image I get with the painting areas has numbers all over the place in the painting area, in place to have just 1 number (the corresponding number of paint at each area appearing only once in each space).

I would kindly ask for your support regarding 2 questions:

- how can I delete the repeated numbers in the same painting area

- how can I make the number higher, because when the image is printed, even if it is on high sizes, still impossible to see the numbers, they are very little, even if the painting area allows to have in the middle a big number.

Thank you,

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Unfortunately, the software doesn't have the option to adjust both of your requests, you cannot delete the numbers or adjust the side. The options that you found on the right side of the program window every time you select Color by numbers would be the only ones for this feature.

NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

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