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WavePad problems


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I just got WavePad and am using an audio interface to run a microphone, guitar, and my headphones into it. 

The microphone gives a strong signal indication on the level meter and records well, but I cannot hear it through my headphones to monitor it.

The guitar I can hear in my headphones, but it gives no signal on the level meter and does not record.

Yesterday I was able to hear the microphone and my guitar and record them both, but now I have the problems I noted above.   

I have changed settings in both WavePad and in my computer, so don't know what I may have messed up somehow.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this!   

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Keep in mind that WavePad is a single-track recorder, which means you would need to feed the microphone and guitar through the same input channel on your computer.

So, you may want to check your interface settings, and mix voice and guitar channels to a single output to your computer; you should be able to record them at the same time in WavePad.  Keep in mind both channels will be recorded on the same track, so your editing options will be applied to both mic and guitar.

Also, WavePad does not offer an option to monitor while you record, monitoring can be achieved through your Windows settings, or from the interface. 

Since you are recording two channels (mic and guitar), you may want to consider using MixPad multitrack recorder. With MixPad you do have the option to record each channel or instrument individually and monitor the recording from within the program.  For more details about MixPad and to download the free trial, you may follow this link https://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/index.html

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Thank you for responding.   My problem is I can record my microphone through my audio interface into WavePad with no problem.   However, my guitar going through the

same interface will not record.   I can monitor the guitar thru my headphones, but it sounds at a reduced volume and will not record. 

I also did download and purchase the licensed version of MixPad, but have the same issue there.  I can record vocals thru my microphone, but my guitar will not record.

Needless to say this is driving me beyond crazy.   :(




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If the settings changed and you don't remeber what you used to have, we suggest you to reinstall the software on your machine, you can either install on top of the existing version or remove the software first and then install the software to make sure a clean installation is performed. Below the homepage link for wavepad. 


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