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Background Removal Effect


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I would like to hide my desktop when screen recording .

Have found the below link, but has no content on how to actually do it just that it can be done.


It mentions ticking a checkbox, but doesn't provide context as to where this can be found.

Have gone through the various options, menus, on screen dialogues, but not having any luck.

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Further the above< I realised I had an outdated version, have since updated.

Found the new icon, however options are greyed out, any suggestions on whats required to enable?
I can't see an option to insert an image to this forum other than uploading to a website somewhere.

Would do a screen recording but since updating I can't see option to show debut while recording.

Feeling like a real noob.

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Hi Josh_CS,

Not sure what you mean by you want to hide your desktop while recording. Do you mean you just want to keep the Debut screen open when you are recording? If this is the case, the recorded image will be the Debut screen itself.

If you really want that, you may simply open Debut page from the tray or you may go to the Debut 'Options' and under the 'Record' tab, uncheck the box for 'Minimize Debut Window when recording .....' then click OK to save changes.

If you could describe more of what you are trying to do, maybe someone will be able to help you out more.

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Appologies I should have added the words "background image" to my original post.

When doing a screen recording, don't want the desktop background image to be visible when switching (minimizing applications).

You can imagine users might not want a picutre of their dog included in a screen recording demonstrating how to use an application.

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the screen recording would record teh entire window, is not going to be locked to a specific window. what you can try to do is select the section on your screen where the program would record only that section. 

Make the section on your screen, and make sure that section is not going to be minimized or extended. another option is to try to do the recording with a dual monitor but set the section of the screen. 

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