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Will MoneyLine get support for multiple currencies and a dark theme?


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I'm dealing with Bitcoin, and trying to keep it in MoneyLine. But in the Options menu it seems that it doesn't support multiple currencies. I can't just convert the bitcoin into dollars since its value always keeps changing. Is there a way to keep a custom currency under the name of "BTC"? (I will also deal with regular dollars in other accounts. Basically what I'm asking for is the ability to change a single transaction's currency)

Also, I've noticed that NCH's more popular programs like VideoPad, Debut, and WavePad have already adopted dark mode in all of their GUIs. Will this eventually come for MoneyLine? Dark themes are very easy on the eyes and I want MoneyLine's window to fit right into my desktop without having to squint at night.

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But I suppose the devs could implement currencies with the next update?

I still can't access the support page because my browser keeps asking me for some kind of username and password when I click Submit🤦‍♂️(same issue happening across my 4 computers, I also tried using Incognito but that didn't work either)

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