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Converting psd into png


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Previously Pixillion (licensed) worked fine in converting photo's in *.psd into *.png, while the transparent background of the psd has to remain in tact in thje conversion.

Since a few weeks Pixillion refuses to convert tis any more. 

Only errors like "Load failed". 

Technical support of NCH is unable to help me.

Has any one a clue ?

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Hi Fred28, yes I am fully licensed and the support department of NCH did not know what to do about the problem. They are researching (I hope). It's a normal *.psd file with an object on a transparent background and I want to convert this into a *.png file with also a transparent background. No (hidden) Alpha channels, no text. The crazy thing is that Pixillion worked fine before without a problem and somehow, maybe, after some update I can't remember, things went wrong.

I like to share an example with you, but I am new on this forum and don't know how to include or send an attachment. Searched for some button, but can't find it. How do I get a file to you ?

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