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File Association Change


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So far, I've really enjoyed NCH software I downloaded for my audio/visual needs, (ie. Express Burn & Express Rip) The clean interface is great and fully functioning programs work without issue.

But something I didn't enjoy which was not related to the above, is the NCH changing file associations for example for zip files and wanting me to download NCH software for (Express Zip) something never wanted.

When clicked "Why am I seeing this"? promt it says nothing about why it was changed, other then Why not at least try the software.  

I don't want NCH changing file associations for software I never wanted.

I think this is blemish on otherwise sterling reputation and great software.

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I´m sorry to hear this happened. You should be able to change the program you wish to open the files with by right-clicking on one of the files, then go to OPEN WITH, if the correct app does not show in the list click on MORE APPS and then check the list, select the correct app and make sure to check the box for "Always use this app to open XXXX files" and click OK. 

That should do it. 

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