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MacOS X Monterey not compatible with Express Invoice


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Hi together, 

just want to let you know (because there is no topic till now) that Express Invoice in the newest version 9.04 is not compatible with MacOS Monterey Beta. I think we will have the same issues like BigSur and Catalina till September. But maybe NCH is now faster and has a new version just a finger snap away. :) 

Problem: Application shows only a grey screen on startup. 

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10 hours ago, mitrecyclers said:

Thanks for heads up. I haven't even updated to bigslur just due to express invoice. 

Big Sur works without problems with the Version 9 of Express Invoice. Tested that around 6 Months in production!

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On 7/30/2021 at 10:39 PM, Pazekal said:

Quick Update: With the latest Public Beta of MACOS Monterey Express Invoice works!

I wanted to upgrade to Monterey but once I install latest Express invoice, they ask me to buy again. :-(. My company is closed. I just need invoicing software for backup purposes. Any work around? My working version is 9.17 and current version is 9.38. 

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