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  1. On my MAC with BigSur it worked fine after Version 9. Version 5.05 will not run on Big Sur!
  2. Quick Update: With the latest Public Beta of MACOS Monterey Express Invoice works!
  3. Big Sur works without problems with the Version 9 of Express Invoice. Tested that around 6 Months in production!
  4. Hi together, just want to let you know (because there is no topic till now) that Express Invoice in the newest version 9.04 is not compatible with MacOS Monterey Beta. I think we will have the same issues like BigSur and Catalina till September. But maybe NCH is now faster and has a new version just a finger snap away. Problem: Application shows only a grey screen on startup.
  5. No one wants to use windows while having a macbook. This is not really helpful! Get the Update done!!!!
  6. There is no web interface and no import but really intuitive. (They edited my post again to hide that i have been warned to give the people here an alternative for the not working software of you NCH. Why do you do that editing without letting the people know about that)
  7. It is more than a week ago. Can give a more accurate date for the possible release? We need this NOW!
  8. Ist bisher noch nicht erschienen und seit heute ist Catalina final deployed. Bitte dringend um Info, wann es hier etwas geben wird!
  9. Pazekal

    MAC 64 Bit

    We need that version. Today Catalina has been released as final version!!!!
  10. iam using express invoice since many years and have asked for this version since 6 months. what now? We need the 64bit version now!!
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