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Scanning and upload - Receiving Stock

Greg E J

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Hi all,

I have just purchased Inventoria and I am trying to learn how to receive stock.  Basically after I go to Receive Stock, I scan the stock barcode.  when I click the receive button the Received Stock window closes and their is no stock added.

Thanks for the help,




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When you scan the items, make sure the codes match what you already have there, and that you are selecting the right location to receive the items.

Remember that you can also switch between locations on the main windows, and transfer items between locations if they were stored at a different place.


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Hi Greg, 

What happens when you try to upload the stock? Are you able to export the scanned items on your PC to check the scanner? Could you give us more information? Or even better a step by step instruction. 

Also, you might want to try with a different scan device or application, depending on what you use. 

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