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Arpeggio sounds strange


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When I build an arpeggio (more than 4 notes), it doesn't work properly, it sounds intermittent.

When there are only three notes, the software is also meal by meal. If it's an octave, it doesn't even sound.

Is this a bug?

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Hey FBXZ,  A topic sorta near my heart but not quite what I was asking about earlier.  I can't find the arpeggio symbol.  Does the music assume that one will arpeggiate five or more notes, with no sign?  What about the rare six fingered person? If I write music for him, how would he know to arpeggiate or not?  Seriously, I cannot find the squiggly symbol.

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On 3/16/2021 at 5:55 PM, Fred28 said:

Just right click on top of the note you want to add the arpeggio and from the options that show click on ARPEGGIO and select which one you need.


Oh, how dumb of me. . .  I was letting the power of the CPU search the User Manual.  I thought maybe as my CPU can't find it, it wasn;t there.  Arpeggio and many other featured are NOT documented.  Imaging that, undocumented features.  Maybe this is what keeps sending out my contact list?

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