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  1. My cheap spinet piano has TWO pedals. Please forget about the left pedal . . . the one that lightly mutes the volume and let's consider the right pedal. When I press it, it "SUSTAINS" the notes I hit, until I lift my foot. Now, I say this because I might hope the Notation software would have a sustain feature, such as "pedal" on or off, but I cannot hear any difference when I notate "pedal." Is there any note sustainment feature? Thank You!
  2. Can I find that feature in the USERS MANUAL?
  3. You can do it as a second voice. If I understand what you want, the notes start at the same time but one ends sooner. Yes, its a pain, but write in two voices,
  4. Many Features are buried in pull down menus, but they are not explicitly mentioned in the PDF, so, if you do not see it, and you cannot find it by searching the PDF, PLEASE submit a trouble ticket. I am thinking about getting the competitors' versions and see how they document their features.
  5. If you don't stand too close? There may be a typo in your question. Please, or if I may, "police" forgive my lame humor.
  6. My version does NOT PRINT the page numbers. GREAT FEATURE when you grand child plays snowflakes with your composition.
  7. Oh, how dumb of me. . . I was letting the power of the CPU search the User Manual. I thought maybe as my CPU can't find it, it wasn;t there. Arpeggio and many other featured are NOT documented. Imaging that, undocumented features. Maybe this is what keeps sending out my contact list?
  8. Hey Fred, THank You. I did find, eventually, that POP UP Menu. But it is NOT DOCUMENTED in the USERS MANUAL. Imagine that, features that are NOT DOCUMENTED. Oh, I did, now, submitted a ticket.
  9. I offer, submit it as a bug. It may be coded in yo do what it does but it wasn't to be coded to do what you did.
  10. Add me to the disappointed list. What a-bout the a-bil-it-ty to sep-a-rate vowels with a dash sign (-). See page 58, third verse, third and fourth syllable ("ne-ver"), Wings Over America, as an example. I have to cut and paste a "-" from Word back into the lyrics.
  11. If you put words to your melody, and have sufficient space within the bar, the 1/8 notes and associated words, or syllables of words will crowd together, and thiose with whole notesm as an example, will spead out. Sorry for miskeying a lot in this replay. So a singer can "read" or see the beat of words, so to speak, by the density of the written word, even if they don't read a lick of musical notation. I too am a novice.
  12. Do I need to submit a ticket for this?
  13. Hey FBXZ, A topic sorta near my heart but not quite what I was asking about earlier. I can't find the arpeggio symbol. Does the music assume that one will arpeggiate five or more notes, with no sign? What about the rare six fingered person? If I write music for him, how would he know to arpeggiate or not? Seriously, I cannot find the squiggly symbol.
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