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Fading white text on black background leaves distortions


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I've been trying to use white text on a black background that fades in and out, but whenever I render these videos, it creates these white distortions on the background. Is this a known issue? How can I avoid this?

This is most noticeable when I use the text feature in VideoPad - I mitigated it almost entirely by changing transparency with keyframes, rather than using the Fade option, but it's still visible. Even more strangely, it even happens with (white text on transparent background or white text on black background) videos made in another program (like After Effects), where the original shows no such distortions, but the rendered VideoPad one does.

Distortions: https://imgur.com/9CrE91N
No distortions: https://imgur.com/zgyQqV1 (you might need to zoom in, it's a lot more visible on video)

Note: there's a small difference in how much of this is visible in VLC/BS Player etc. so it could also be a computer performance issue. But the fact still remains that original videos don't show any such distortions.

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Using beta release 10.14, a fade IN/OUT of white text was exported and showed no background distortion.

Likewise, your linked images appear to my eye to be identical.  The 'bad' grab is at the left...



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Within VP and using a 5 second white text on a black blank,used as a track 1 background, a 2 second Fade in using the f and and a 2 second fade out using the Fade out transition (but only on this one clip - nothing following) seemed to work correctly in preview. The text faded in and out as expected leaving no visible after effect or distortion. Exported as an mp4 1920 x 1080 and played in VLC there were no issues. Looked perfect. However very wide characters like Ariel size 35 Bold gave a "shadow" within the white part of the character but checking frame by frame revealed this to be a simple optical illusion due to the contrast.

I don't see your examples on imgur unfortunately so not sure what you are seeing. What type of distortion are you seeing?




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