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Credit card account issue...


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I am using Express Accounts version 8.16.  I am puzzled why how the credit-card account works.  I tried to post the interest ($0.26) charged on a very small purchase by using Account transfer in the Accounts tab.  I tried to transfer the amount from Credit Card (balance of -$165.19) to Interest Expense (balance of -$0.16) for the date 2018-01-08.  The transfer was refused with the message "This account does not have an adequate balance." while pointing to the Credit Card account entered in the "Transfer from account:" window. 

I thought that the whole point of a credit card was that the purchases could be made which drove the account negative, and that the card owner then paid off the card when she/he wanted.  Is there a way to specify the card limit?  Is there a more appropriate way to do what I was trying to do?

Also, how can I include a screen capture in this message?  It would help by increasing the clarity of what I was doing and its outcome.

Thanks for your time and help.

Best regards,




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