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Backup Changes Media Files to Point to Backup Directory

Paul N.

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I assumed it was a smart idea to occasionally do a backup of a Project. I took one recently but kept working on the Project using FILE->Back up project files to folder

I just discovered that my MEDIA files are now pointing to the BACKUP location and not their original location. I checked and the SPJ file being used is still the original and not the backup. The modified date for the SPJ in the backup is when I made the backup.

I'm now having to go back in to all my media and relink them from the backup to their original location.

Is this a bug?


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No that is not a bug, you saved the project as a backup so the project file now opens from the folder where the backup is saved, the backup also saved all media used on the project, so basically it creates a copy of all your media in the backup folder. There is no need for you to change the locations of the files back to the original location this can actually cause an issue for the program when it tries to load your project and tried to find the media used. I honestly think the best you can do now is start over if you can and make sure that if you use the back up option do not change the locations of the media just leave them as they are and work from there. It is actually better to work this way as you will have all media used on the project on one location.

You can reach NCH technical support team here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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It still seems strange that my original project file, with pointers to subdirectories, would be changed to point to where I backed up. I have one directory each for audio, images and narration (externally recorded). This structure is lost, understandability, during the backup.

It looks like the backed up SPJ file does not reference a directory for the media files. So my other option is to copy the backup directory as my new current project with everything in one directory.

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