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  1. NCH has been able to replicate the problem but doesn't know what the problem is. They feel that since I'm the only one reporting it, it's a corrupt project file. Their workaround is to recreate the project but with 70+ files, I'm not willing to do that.
  2. So, this is a bit of a rant against NCH. It's been a week since I opened my ticket with no response. I have also submitted this thread as a bug through Photostage. I am dead in the water working on my 74 file slideshow. If I recreate it, I'm afraid I'll just hit the same problem. I have not bought support for the following reasons: I believe this is a bug. As a user, I don't believe there is anything I could do to cause the audio tracks to disappear. There is no separate support path for bugs. I don't like the constraints on the purchased support "Up to 9 email consultations (10 minutes each consultation) Plus up to 2 telephone consultations (15 minutes each consultation)". I've been on a number of tech support calls with software vendors that took an hour or more especially when it's a bug. There is no mention of a credit if the problem is identified as a bug so in essence, I'm paying to be a QA engineer. I'll wait a bit longer but if I have to recreate my 74 file slideshow, I'll wouldn't be using Photostage.
  3. Click to select the Transitions tab Use CTRL-mouse click to select the slides to want to adjust. You can also use standard selection patterns to select a range of slides. Select one of the transition effects. I found I had to do the same thing. I selected a block of slides then chose Randomize (bottom choice)
  4. Ticket open but I haven't bought any support.
  5. Thanks Elk. I also got this with the previous version which caused me to upgrade. I've tried it with a backup and other projects; same results.
  6. I followed the following instructions I've seen posted several times but it did not change anything. The bars for the two audio are there but don't' show anything to select.
  7. I haven't worked on my slideshow for a couple of weeks. When I opened it today, it was not displaying my narration or music channels. The audio is there when I play the slideshow. If I click on the Media, the cursor is positioned to where it would be. I've cleared cached. I've tried running under Admin priv. I just updated today and installed 8.22.
  8. One of the behaviors of PS I find frustrating is that if I remove an audio clip (music or narration) all other media seem to shift. This is even if there is dead space between recordings. There is no concept of anchoring the start of a piece of audio to a specific slide so it does not move. It is tedious having to manually reset all the audio especially if a change I made is at the beginning of the slide show.
  9. I find it distracting to hear the playback while I'm recording a narration especially if I go into another narration. Is there anyway to mute playback while recording? Thanks
  10. Sorry Yamasita, I have to rely on Google Translate to understand your problem. I hope the translator had a hiccup. In order to create a MP4, you need to use Export->Video to create a MP4. I'm not sure what you mean by "... it will not be played as a still image."
  11. This may be expected behavior. I don't know since it is combining two different effects together.
  12. The closest I got was the following: Insert a Photo that shows with black borders Make sure the photo is selected From the top tool bar select Slide->Change Aspect Ratio->Stretch to the size needed. Choose Effects->Image Overlay. Select the same Image, position it in the middle, and size it up. I lost the Stretched Aspect Ratio so went back to Slide->Change Aspect Ratio It stretched both the original as well as the Image Overlay. Would likely not have been a solution since there seems to be a bug and the Image Overlay is not saved.
  13. Problem still exists with PS 8.13
  14. Thanks Elk. I tried several different JPG's, same behavior. I also notice that when I add the effect, I have the green bar at the top of the slide. Once I save and reopen it, that green bar indicating there is an effect on it is gone as well. I'm going to skip the deinstall/reinstall until I see if anyone else duplicates this and/or says I need to submit a bug.
  15. I have a small image with music credits for my slideshow which does not get saved. Create a blank slide Choose Effect->Image Overlay Choose the image file from disk Align the embedded image in the middle Change size to 42 Select Fade In/Out=.5 secs Play from the previous slide, and the embedded image in the blank slide is presented properly ^S to save the project Reopen the project Go to the slide with the embedded image. Blank slide is there but not the embedded image. Play from the previous slide and it only shows the blank slide with no Effects loaded against it. I tried clearing cache and I on version 8.10. Any ideas of what's wrong?
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