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Update Media with New Versions

Paul N.

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I'm finding it a bit of a challenge updating external audio with new versions. PhotoStage keeps the file locked so I can create a new version with exiting PS. The workaround I've found is to add a version number to the file name. Add that audio, drop the original then add the new audio to the show.

Is there an easier way where I can update in place? 


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Hello Paul.

I cannot understand what it is you are trying to do, are you trying to edit a slideshow you had previously created with PhotoStage?  The only way you can edit slideshows you have created with PhotoStage is if you save them as projects.

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Chris75, thanks for your question. It caused me to go back and look at my approach and double check for an alternative. And yes, I have saved it as a project.

I found I can replace an item by using the following:

  1. Find the item in MEDIA
  2. Right-click to 'File details ...'
  3. In File Path, select the item you wish to replace the current version with

This preserves all actions on the item as well.

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