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Position Effect - How does it work?


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I understand how a position effect should work in theory, but I am wondering how the actual numbers (horizontal and vertical) work. For example, if I drop a square image into a scene, when I add the Position Effect if I set the horizontal to, say, +30 and the vertical to the same, the actual distance the image moves horizontally is not the same as vertically. I would expect it to move the same distance (pixels).

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The position values refer to % of the screen with 0  and 0 indication that the image is central.

If you set Horizontal to 50 then the image moves to the right so it is halved (i.e you see just the left hand half)

If you set it to -50 it moves left so it is 1/2 way off the screen and only the right hand half is visible.

It's the same with vertical positioning.

100 or -100 will place the image just out of the frame and it won't be seen.


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