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  1. Thanks everyone! Working backwards, suppose I use the method of just selecting all the cuts on a single track and add the effect, is there a method to REMOVE an effect which is on many different cuts?
  2. Given a track with multiple videos cut together, is it possible to add a global video effect which would apply to all the video cuts on the entire track?
  3. I just discovered the templates, and like the potential it has. Currently it has intros, full videos, and outros. My suggestions are: 1. In addition to these, a section for animated titles which could be used at different places in videos would be great. **EDIT: I know there is already a section for adding titles in another part of VideoPad, but they could be expanded upon, especially with nicer animations/moving backgrounds like we see in some of the Templates. 2. An even better idea would be to allow creators to create our own customizable templates, and then even share them with other Video Pad creators.
  4. Using V10.17 I have imported two identically sized png graphics and am trying to position one on top of another. I have applied Position effects to each with identical horizontal and vertical parameters, but they don't end up on top of one another. The vertical position for one png appears in the sequence preview incorrectly (aspect ratio is "match content"). But if I select for the vertical parameter "Show or hide animation line for this parameter" then suddenly the image snaps correctly into place. If I deselect this option the png moves back to its incorrect place. Any ideas?
  5. Ok. Setting the aspect ratio preview option to either of those fixes it. Thanks! With different aspect ratios the position of the rotated green blank moves around in the preview, creating an apparent offset in the export.
  6. Hmm...that is strange. Without a rotation effect the export and preview line up. But once I include a rotation effect the export is offset from the video. Is the first screenshot my original file? Because on my computer the preview has the two rectangles just touching, and then the export introduces a noticeable overlap. But in yours the preview is already overlapping, matching the export I get even though the preview has them just touching.
  7. I tried it at 1920x1080 and 854x480. Both have an offset. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LxV8m2bbxkyKdWB1Hor8Ja9GFfzu0b3f?usp=sharing
  8. So I upgraded to 8.99 and found the same problem. Here is a screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DvEMp7qvbgKy7PYbYzzSzR6IjIUX8rLN/view?usp=sharing In VideoPad the clip and sequence preview both show the blank objects touching at the corner (top), but in the video player (shown on the bottom right) they are overlapping instead.
  9. v8.45 Part of my video involved creating a straight arrow, and I did this by using a "blank color clip" native to Videopad, and then I added a scale to make it longer and narrow. This would serve as the base of a pointing arrow. I applied the following Video Effects to the "blank color clip" 1. Scale (to make it narrow and longer) 2. Rotation (for direction of the arrow) 3. Position (to place it in the scene at the correct spot) When I export the video I am finding the rendered blank clip has a noticeable horizontal offset from the position in the sequence preview. Here are two images to show this: Sequence Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i8Izj0tKbrAM1yOQBhsEGPNPySBU7uv-/view?usp=sharing Exported mp4 Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mX9-EJ742eNnSDLDMQaMy7iHLgjpWuZZ/view?usp=sharing Upon further investigation I find that the rendered offset disappears if I remove the rotation effect, and the offset reappears if I re-apply the rotation effect. It seems that the rotation effect on a blank clip introduces an offset when exporting. Is this a bug? -0-0- I did a second test using a .png arrow instead of the blank clip - scaling, rotating, and positioning as before - and I also find similar discrepancies from the preview to the exported: The left side is the preview, and the right is the exported mp4 . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xWKiUm6qQU0H9R_QWgZZAKLjXOIbJU4T/view?usp=sharing It seems that even the scaling may be off as well, as the arrow seems exported as vertically compressed
  10. When I change the aspect ratio the image is just stretched to the limits of the chosen ratio. Here is the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o5znnhQyIAF0Rw44DWUkVq0kFEciIaRe/view?usp=sharing
  11. v8.45 I am importing a still image (png) and regardless of the actual size of the image (created in a separate drawing program) Video Pad expands the image to fill the screen. This means each time I have to add a scale effect to shrink it back down to the original size, which seems unnecessary. Is there a way for VideoPad to display the actual size of the image?
  12. With no project opened if I go to Tools->Options->Disk and press "Clear Unused Cache Files" the sound cache is not cleared, even though the main cache is emptied. v8.45
  13. v8.45 I am starting a new project and so I originally cleared the cache as mentioned in other threads: tools->options->disk and click "Clear Unused Cache Files". I notice that this clears the immediate folder in C:\Users\myNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\VideoPadCache But within this folder there is another called "VideoPadSoundCache" which doesn't get emptied and seems to contain about a GB of related audio information. Shouldn't this sound cache also be cleared?
  14. Yes, I was getting an autosave file created. I have reverted to 8.45, which works fine, but the crashes were having on 8.91.
  15. I was having similar issues where VP would always crash when closing, though it would still save. Admittedly, this was when I had some very large video files being used for the project and my computer's resources were being pushed to their maximum. I would try re-installing your VP and see if this helps. It helped me.
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