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How to edit so video and audio stay in sync

Ray Mclaine ne

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I am new to video pad. I tried to turn a power point presentation into a video.

for  each slide I read a script. If I made a mistake I just started again thinking I would come back later and delete all the bad audio takes.

I started deleting the extra audio tracks then needed to delete the extra video. 
now I’ve got a mess. In trying to fix it I’ve made it worse . I cut some of these video to match the audio Then in some cases I pulled the audio to the video and some I pulled the  video.to the audio. 

now I have a big mess with  everything out of sync.  The more I try to move thing the worse it gets.

one problem is I have noticed some of the frames gave two slides in them so I tried cutting them in half to get one slide on the left and one slid on the right of the cut . Then I deleted the one on the left to get rid of it then pulled the right half to the left. But that didn’t work!!

it is like the frame has a memory or the audio know what image was aligned before. 

what going on ?

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Takes time to get familiar with editing software, no matter how intuitive.  To protect your work routinely use Save Project File AS, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  This creates a VPJ control file (not playable) that usually resides in the same folder as the source files, unless you have saved it elsewhere.  Double-clicking on a VPJ file loads the project.  Clicking the chevron at the right of the SAVE PROJECT icon on the Home menu toolbar will reveal the Save AS choice.


If you make an editing mistake, immediately press <ctrl-Z> (EDIT | UNDO) to backtrack, step-by-step.

One way to approach your task is to first place a single slide on the timeline.

Then place the red cursor where you want the audio to begin.  Assuming that you are using Videopad's narration feature, record your narration clip.  It will be placed at the cursor point on the timeline. There will be a clip saved to the audio bin as well.  If audio has been pre-recorded, drop the audio clip onto the timeline in the same manner.  Audio clips can be dragged left or right, for exact placement. 

Slides can be moved as well, or sized....

To lengthen or shorten a slide drag its handles  - the [  or ] brackets that appear when the cursor is passed over the start or end of the slide clip.

In general, to move slides, click the slide and drag.  Dragging left shortens the adjacent earlier slide.  Dragging right will move all later slides in concert.  If that group snaps back after letting go of the mouse, hold down <alt> while dragging.  If it instead leaves a gap, it can be closed by right-clicking in the gap and clicking CLOSE GAP.

Once you are satisfied with the sync of this slide, Save Project AS, as outlined above.  Then add the next slide to the timeline by either dragging it from the bin and mating it with the existing slide or right-clicking it in the bin and choosing PLACE ON SEQUENCE AT END.  Follow the same procedure for each slide and Project Save AS.  Then you can always restore the project by double-clicking its uniquely numbered or named VPJ.

This step-by-step method keeps things simple.  Each slide/narration is in sync.

As you have seen, altering slide position or length after several are on the timeline can mess things up, as audio and video are not linked.  However, they can be grouped.  Select the slides and audio clips that need to be moved together, right-click on one of them and GROUP SELECTED CLIPS.  Then, when a slide is moved, the audio clips will be positioned accordingly.  But, watch out:  if a slide is shortened, audio for that slide will be as well.

Good luck!

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Thank you. I’m ready to start over and will follow your directions.

I’m still confused about the video.  As example, I have slide one and audio one and I see  the video1 is short and slide2 is at the end of audio 1.  So I cut the video between them and move video 2 over to the right. Then I drag video 1 over to fill the audio one track.  

so the time line shows the video1 and audio1 in alignment and you see video 2 doesn’t start until audio1 ends. But when I play the clip video two is still in video one. The time line looks good but the preview still have video two at the end of video1.   Can you tell me what’s going on?

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Assuming that these are all still images on the same track, you should be able to drag slide two to the right.  This will either leave a gap or snap back.  If it snaps, hold down <alt> while dragging.  Then, to extend slide one's duration, drag its right handle - the ] bracket - to the right until it fills the gap.  The slides change in preview at clip junctions

There's no need to put slides on different tracks.  Remember, higher tracks override lower tracks, so if slide 1 were on track 1 and slide 2 on track 2, only slide 2 would be seen - unless scaled smaller than slide one.  That would be picture-in-picture, with slide 1 in the background.

As noted earlier, audio clips can be dragged to the desired position.

If you construct slide-by-slide you shouldn't run into this issue.  Place a slide on the timeline, record the narration, extend or shorten the slide to fit then voice, then move on to the next slide.

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