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  1. I grouped a long section of clips then moved them. I missed a few short clips and it created a mess. I’ve keep trying to fix things but every time I fix one something happen and the program moves other thing around. is there a way the I can turn off the memory of the clip so it doesn’t move other clips when I move it! Is there a way I can have someone share my screen and have them fix the problems so I can watch and learn. Can you do this with your phone support. If not can I pay someone to just fix this. There Are support program where I can turn over control of my computer.
  2. Part of a clips audio tracks is being muted. I think I caused it by my editing. When I play the clip in the clip preview all the audio is there. But when I play it from my timeline it mutes half way through the clip. At the same time the preview program switches To sequence view.
  3. Thanks Borat, I went to my program looking for files and found a .JVP file a few days ago and loaded it and it has my audio file. I think the problem was when I ended my last sequence I changed the name of the jvp file. Then when I went back to my sequence 3 there was no audio. I guess I just don’t understand you file system. Are you a user video editor or do you work for NCH software?
  4. I have 5 sequences. The 5th I planned to combine the others sequences. When I went to sequence 3 the audio track is missing, however the cut marks in the audio track are still there. What should I do to find my audio track?
  5. Thank you. I’m ready to start over and will follow your directions. I’m still confused about the video. As example, I have slide one and audio one and I see the video1 is short and slide2 is at the end of audio 1. So I cut the video between them and move video 2 over to the right. Then I drag video 1 over to fill the audio one track. so the time line shows the video1 and audio1 in alignment and you see video 2 doesn’t start until audio1 ends. But when I play the clip video two is still in video one. The time line looks good but the preview still have video two at the end of video1. Can you tell me what’s going on?
  6. I am new to video pad. I tried to turn a power point presentation into a video. for each slide I read a script. If I made a mistake I just started again thinking I would come back later and delete all the bad audio takes. I started deleting the extra audio tracks then needed to delete the extra video. now I’ve got a mess. In trying to fix it I’ve made it worse . I cut some of these video to match the audio Then in some cases I pulled the audio to the video and some I pulled the video.to the audio. now I have a big mess with everything out of sync. The more I try to move thing the worse it gets. one problem is I have noticed some of the frames gave two slides in them so I tried cutting them in half to get one slide on the left and one slid on the right of the cut . Then I deleted the one on the left to get rid of it then pulled the right half to the left. But that didn’t work!! it is like the frame has a memory or the audio know what image was aligned before. what going on ?
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