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Why photostage is not allowing to upload the pictures and audio files to youtube for second time ? it is giving error saying " Failed to upload" .

am able to sucessfully upload  videos (photo + audio) for first time , when i create another set of videos and try to upload , it is failing .

can i export only one videos in a day to youtube ? please help 

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What would be the setup using to upload the project to Youtube? Try to export the project directly to your machine, then try to upload from teh Youtube site. How big is the project that you are uploading. 

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format : youtube 1080 HD 

Frame rate : variable frame rate (30)

privacy mode : public 


exporting to local is working fine . Also exporting the videos for first time to youtube for the day is working . If i try to upload for second time , its giving error message . only next day am able to upload successfully in youtube . 


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