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Error message when trying to burn

Penny Rose

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I first bought Express burn in December 2019. I was able to burn videos twice with good results. Now I just get "Error with write address Sense Data 05 21 02" and verifying is completely stuck. I save as ISO from Videopad and select ISO Image file or Express burner.  However when I get into Write ISO file should I chose, from the drop down list Image file or D/HL-DT-ST.HL etc.?  When I chose Image file it just sends me back to the folder to save it and burn doesn't show. When I chose the other [D/ HD etc ] it fails to work. What am I doing wrong? I have wasted 4 DVDs trying. I use Windows 10. The C drive where the program is located is almost full but my other drive has lots of room. I can find no video tutorial to help me burn a DVD.  Please help me in simple language!

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I purchased and downloaded Debut and Express Burn earlier in January 2020.  I was able to capture the screen and burn to a Video DVD about 2 times and it has not worked since.  I did discover there was an update to Debut and I downloaded that.  In the end none of this helped.  After capturing a screen with Debut I attempt to burn to a Video DVD with Express burn and I always get the same message saying, " Adding files” and the program says not responding and has an error message saying, “Abnormal termination detected.  Did Debut Hang or crash on its last use.”  I’ve tried to answer it both ways to no avail."  Although the screen capture videos can not be burned to a Video DVD the will play with VLC and Windows Media Player.

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First, the error about sense data, that happens usually when the burning drive has a conflict with programs or applications on your computer.  The first thing you may want to do is to install the latest drivers for the burning device you are using. You can also try burning at a different speed (Not max speed) or test using a different brand of discs.

Also, if the issue happens when you try to burn just one single video project or movie, then the issue would be the copy you are trying to burn. You may want to test using different videos for testing. If the issue remains, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for proper assistance. 

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