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Unable to add image alnum


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Just purchased this SW   and in  the field of adding image the album image field stays gray  and unable to drag and drop any image.  Also the browse  button stays grey.

When tested the free trial for 2 years ago it all worked well...

Think I may request refund

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I just downloaded the Stamp editor for free to try alongside switch and rip programs (which I have paid for) specifically to add images to FLAC which NCH states it does.


I ripped both an MP3 and a FLAC using NCH Express Rip and like the other users above, the BROWSE button remains greyed out and unable to use this feature for the FLAC file.

But the program works for the MP3!!????

What's going on here




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So the issue was reported on or before May 1 as noted by elk, now its July 19 and I am having exactly the same problem reported by other on this thread.  Can't add image files and 'browse' box is grayed out.  On a prior computer I had mp3Tag installed and it worked fine.  I even sent a contribution to the developers.  This download looks similar but is not fully functional.

I'd love too hear how this can be resolved.

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I had the same issue; can't add images to .flac files.  Since this was a major reason for buying the software in the first place it has been very frustrating.  I tried NCH support  and they replied , mercifully quickly but saying " Thank you for contacting NCH Software Support, unfortunately Stamp cannot add images on .flac and .wav files.".  I have now downloaded an alternative program to do the job, which seems to work fine.

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