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Polygon mask effect idea

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The Polygon Mask is quite a useful effect but there are no presets. As an example I would like to produce an animated circle with a transparent centre (or exterior) that expands to a certain size to reveal a background overlay..perhaps with a title. This is the type of thing.....


This would be similar to the circle transition. The difference being that the transition cannot be controlled with keyframes.It opens all the way and cannot be stopped.  Obviously one can create a circle like mask from the current ractangle but only with a certain amount of experimentation and the use of multiple points. It wouldn't be perfect and animating it would be awkward. (The mock-up image above was produced by taking a snapshot halfway through a circle transition.)

What is needed are some preset shaped masks that could be picked from a list that changes the mask rectangle when picked into a circle/oval etc. having just a size control.This would allow easy animation of the mask with keyframes.

Any comments or thoughts?



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