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Does new version enhance performance?

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Hi, I used videopad v5.32 on a subpar pc for about a year. I've now upgraded to a better machine (i7 7700, 16gb RAM, GTX 1050, SSD) specifically to edit video, but am running into the same issues:

* After only some minor effects or adding a couple of clips, It's impossible to watch a live preview on the tool due to "Building Preview" message.

* In heavier projects, after exporting the video it'll freeze on some parts with audio still going and then catch up.

I like the tool, but I need the experience to be smoother. The question is, should I pay to upgrade to the latest version assuming these issues are solved? Should I go a different way? Any way to test it beforehand?


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Though caching has been improved in later versions, consider implementing the proxy file procedure outlined in this thread.  A few minutes upfront and just prior to export saves time and frustration during the edit.  It's good practice when dealing with large video files.

You can install a newer version for testing and, if no improvement, reinstall the old one.

The installer is usually saved to this path "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\VideoPad"

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What is your preview display resolution?  On my  Vista PC I used to have a similar problem but not when I set the display to a lower value.  (512 x 288)  Right click the preview screen and select Change Preview Settings.  Under Preset you will have a series of resolutions. Pick a lower one with the same AR as your clips. See if it makes any difference. This will also speed up the thumbnail generation. You won't see much difference in the display definition unless you undock the preview pane  and enlarge the window. neither does it affect the export resolution.



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